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  1. ncristia
    So they raise the price claim no more discounts and hours later Bob sends out an e-mail of a parting "gift" which is an opportunity to buy more stuff from Trinity. What balls.
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  2. Monsoon
    Well hopefully they actually deliver on their "21 day" promise to ship and if not let us know what's going on. Posting photos of the stock before they go out would help reassure people it's actually shipping when they say it is. I'm still waiting on the Hunter, PM6 and Air; Hunter I ordered in September and PM6 July 4 and I'm in Canada. I got express shipping with those two so I should get it 1-2 business days after pickup. I don't doubt they'll deliver (someday) so I'm sticking with it, my plan has always been to try them out and sell one or both at cost if they're not for me.

    Did they ever mention what the special Hunter privileges ended up being?
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  3. dave9527
    Same to me, this will be the last 21days for my hunter before refund.
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  4. Midgetguy
    Not to my knowledge. And at this point, I don't care anymore because I've pretty much forgotten all about it. Originally was supposed to be like special preference on other products down the line or something but none of that exists anymore anyway so whatever.
  5. fpessolano
    Did I dream? I got an email with icarusiii now being sold at 235 quids?
    No wonder they will never sell again things like hunter and master6. They will need to be priced now at a level that makes them no longer relevant.
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  6. Sam L
    aw, that's too bad about the bass. Trinity historically has had very good bass, not ever really sloppy (that I can think of). As for the PM4, despite some glaring weaknesses for some, the bass is fantastic, hard to top.
  7. OldDude04
    That isn't the case for me with the Icarus III. The bass is insane, deep and clean with a nice punchy attack. The bass is far and away better than the PM4 and Master IMO. I could maybe agree that with the Silver filter there is a tad bit too much bass, (As a basshead, I can't believe I'm saying that, lol), but even then it is never muddy.
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  8. HungryPanda
    It is all down to a: the filter, b: the tip
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  9. Numpsy
    And heres me trying to help them out by trying to cancel the PM6 I ordered at £200 so they can sell it to someone else for £400 :wink:
  10. LennyPenny
    Still no shipping confirmation for icarus 3 and kieran hasn't responded in 48h q.q
  11. Karendar
    Special hunter privileges: Waiting for stock like everyone else :wink:
  12. dave9527
    For hunter (pre)owners only!
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  13. Karendar
    Does this mean my IGG PM6 can sell for 400£?!? OMG DEAL!!!... :p
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  14. JaeYoon
    The authentic Hunter club experience :p
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  15. Miko 7
    It's always down to the tip
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