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  1. majo123
    If master quality I totally agree and anyone who still has faith or respect for them then jump on it if delivery seems prompt ...but i just cant through experience and no respect ....it sounds like a good buy though.
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  2. OopsWrongPlanet
    which filter was used?
  3. bk123
    Can anyone who has PM6 or hunter confirm the diameter of connector pin? I have no tools to measure it. I'm not sure whether it is .78mm or .75mm
  4. posnera
    I just got mine out of the mailbox. So far I am very pleased (less than 10 minutes so far). I left on the purple filters, no damper. They seem to have plenty of midbass, not much head-shaking subbass. I don't find them to be harsh in the upper range. They fit comfortably and isolate well with music playing. I haven't messed with tips at all yet.
    The only criticism I have so far is that, like the Sabre, the sound is muffled badly if I lay on my side.
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  5. Midgetguy
    Yes indeed a steal. But I will stay steadfast in my resolve to not buy it.
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  6. jim723
    Purplr w/o damper and Gunmetal w/ damper
  7. sejsel
    Do tell, in comparison to Master.
  8. Miko 7
    The Master must have been an unfinished prototype, none of the undamped filters are listenable to (with a proper seal) unless you're deaf, the high-end peaks give one a sensation of getting stabbed in the eardrum with an ice pick and the mids are so distant I may as well run behind the train and wave at them as they disappear into the horizon. All the dampened filters lose the soundstage. The only time they excel SOUNDWISE is with a gunmetal filter and two black acoustic damping plugs in each instead of white acoustic damping membranes. The separation and soundstage evolve massively with a slightly closer mid-range which plays well with shredding highs and not overpowering but authoritative bass, excellent post-rock combo, feels like initial morphine drip after a bad car accident.

    The Master fit is horrid, you'll end up twiddling with your IEMs more than John Travolta with his earring in pulp fiction. It's hard to get a good seal, and spiral dots are a must. They're heavy and will move in your ears in day-to-day activities. On the upside if you're getting robbed you can always swing them over your head to stun your attacker for a quick getaway. Also good luck wearing them mid-day, you may think people squint at you in the sun because you're a dazzling, radiant creature; sadly the fact is that you're blinding anybody that looks you directly in the face.

    The Icarus 3 fit is excellent, the nozzles are perfect length and angle, the IEM body sits securely in your ear canal and the very low weight keeps it from moving much if at all. I would use these to work on my race car, that's how confident I am about the fit. The cables on the y-split seem smaller dia which is a nice touch.

    It's a much more refined IEM in sound as well. ALL of the filters are usable!!! There is absolutely ZERO sibilance. The sound signature delta between the filters is a lot smaller than on the Master, but because all of the filters sound good you can actually fine tune the Icarus sound to your specific taste without the need to tear the filters apart. Icarus 3 EDIT: have less bloated bass across all the filters compared to the master, it feels more controlled and mature, I can listen to every filter without being annoyed. Highs are good, mids are okay, bass is okay. Everything is balanced and clear but I am using significantly more volume compared to masters, deltas, and lyra (50% on E12a volume pot)

    It's almost like they made a Delta 2 with a slightly larger soundstage and separation, more tuning filters, more bass, less timbre and skinnier mids.

    If anybody wants these send me a PM, I'm posting both the Icarus 3 and Delta 2's in the classifieds later tonight.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  9. sejsel
    Funny... I use at home AKG K701, Grado GS1000 with some tube amp, and Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 gunmetal with either Dragonfly red of the iphone, or Audioengine D3 of of the macbook pro...
    and guess what, I use Master with - lo and behold, purple undamped filter since I do not need more bass than Master inherently have...
    To the best of my knowledge I do not feel deaf and appreciate the detail, separation and layering in cans and earphones and appreciate a good soundstage...

    But to each his own... I wouldn't, to my ears, choose to describe Master IEM in such unequivocal terms, but we have had people debating FLC 8 and to the more extreme Campfire Audio Andromeda or whatever it was called, the green IEM costing the same as Senn HD800, so go figure...
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  10. TTGuy
    Same for me. Ordered yesterday using Bob's parting gift code and got a shipping notice with a USPS tracking number today.
  11. Kundi
    what's the gift code?
  12. Miko 7
    With a partial seal I found the purple undamped filters to be managable. With a solid seal I found all the undamped filters to be unrefined in treble, including most black acoustic plug dampened filters.

    The Icarus 3 is overall light years ahead of the master in my opinion, and that's all the above post was, my opinion.

    I like music a lot, I go to a lot of shows, I loved listening to artists practice and record. When I pick up an IEM I just want it to sound close to that. And if I went to a venue where the sound engineer tuned it to sound like the Master (with a solid verified seal) on purple undamped filters, the whole crowd would walk out and the FBI would seize the equipment and the engineer to transfer them to Guantanamo Bay.
  13. Midgetguy
    I still won't be getting one. Seems like a great IEM from what I've been reading and the people who thought about getting a Vyrus 2 should definitely get these with the code instead. But I already have a Vyrus 2 for the fun and a Hunter for the analytical. This time, it's a little easier to resist the urge to buy more IEMs. From Trinity Audio specifically, I'm still probably gonna be a sucker for buying a lotta IEMs from other brands :p
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  14. HungryPanda
    code is actually: mypartinggift
  15. Midgetguy
    Good catch, edited. I don't have the actual email.
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