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  1. Karendar
    This is coming from Kieran directly?
  2. posnera
    Me too. Whee!
  3. Walderstorn
    Yeah i am also guilty of that, i havent updated my linkdin for like 6 years so...
  4. hernandoco
    Yea, directly from Kieran this morning.
    Karendar likes this.
  5. LonghornTech
    Oriveti Basic
  6. fpessolano
    And done. Inontvangstneming have tne air to sorry About. THE rest all refunded.
  7. LonghornTech
    Can we finally close this thread, like Brooko tried to do earlier with a beautiful post about why it was closed only to have it reopen less than 24 hours later? Trinity is such a tease for the community and it's time to move on. Keep the other Trinity threads about actual headphones that actually exist, but it makes no sense to keep this sponsored one. The company isn't even active on the forum anymore, and the only person who was is no longer with the company. It's detracting from all of the other wonderful brands who work their behinds off---the iBassos and RHAs of head-fi---to get to know the community. The reality, as we all know, is the Trinity of old is long gone, and our complaints on head-fi are falling on deaf ears (or no ears at all). Let's move our efforts elsewhere, and reward someone else for the good work they do.
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  8. .Koufós.
    Good choice. I definitely thought about that one. However, I ordered the vyrus v2 since the 50PERCENTOFFONCE still works. Thought I give it a try for 50 bucks.
    eldus and capnjack like this.
  9. Karendar
    Hard to reward anyone else when trinity is holding my money for anything else. However I do agree closing the thread.
    Kazer likes this.
  10. majo123
    I also agree Close the thread it's just painful now.
    There's no joy here.
  11. OldDude04
    All the company drama aside, my last IEM from Trinity came in today, the Icarus III, and all I can say is good Lord! The sub bass from the silver filters is all kinds of insane. I'm a devout basshead, loving the low end since way back when I was into loud car audio, but the silver filter is too much for even me to enjoy all the time. They will be my guilty pleasure on occasion, but I now need to find my every day filter. I've only tried a few, but I am getting what Bob meant when he said the Icarus line is more emotional. It's a fun and musical IEM where you forget you're testing it and you just end enjoying the hell out of your music. Damn, I hope Bob ends up somewhere else in this business, with an established company with a proven infrastructure. I'll be watching for that.
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  12. OldDude04
    I just posted a bit of joy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  13. HungryPanda
    That you did and wasn't it so easy :)
    OldDude04 likes this.
  14. OldDude04
    Another thought for those wondering about fit and size. The smaller Icarus 3 fit my ear way better than the Master and seems to have better insertion. It is the first Trinity IEM I can use the stock silicon ear tips with and get a great seal.
    31usive likes this.
  15. HungryPanda
    Yes I much prefer the smaller size. I wonder how big the Icarus 4 is

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