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  1. majo123
    Haha ironic timing...glad they turned up , I'm just logging out but il catch your impressions on the iem Lounge tomorrow, think I'm going to be avoiding this thread again after yesterday's drama ....enjoy .
  2. OldDude04
    Probably Master sized or larger.
  3. OldDude04
    Here are a couple of pics I took when I opened the package.

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  4. Karendar
    According to past discussions, Trinity said the Icarus IV would not be any bigger than the PM6...
  5. bjaardker
    I'd really appreciate not closing the thread since there are many of us going through the process of trying to get resolution for our various Trinity orders in the Phantom line and this provides a place for us to all share information. But...if it must be then fair thee well my friends.
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  6. sejsel
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  7. barondla
    Don't think this thread should close until everyone gets their paid for equipment. This is one of their only ways to keep track of fulfillment, shipping, etc. No Head-Fier left behind! The thread may not be pleasant but it is still important.
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  8. mashuto
    This thread moves too fast for me, so I just skipped like the last 15 pages of discussion. But if any of you remember me in here, I was defending trinity after the first round of delays because I really did think people were jumping the gun.

    Anyways, I dont need to repeat the history here, but its just absolutely ridiculous. While I doubt they were trying to flat out lie to people, they kept making promises they couldnt keep in some kind of effort to what, keep people happy? In effect though, it has amounted to lies.

    I have a PM6 on order, and after hearing them tell everyone a month ago that they would have more in stock in a week only to have them say 3 weeks last week, I am just done. Nothing they do at this point will ever get any more business from me and I hope the rest of you follow suit. This is just not how you run a business. Hell, I don't even care about the delays, just be honest about whats going on.

    So I emailed Kieran on the 27th (last Thursday) to ask for a refund and.... no response.
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  9. sososerious
    I'm gonna suggest a real novel idea here but will no doubt be flamed for it...

    If you want the threads closed just close them for yourself, personally, by unsubscribing and not looking back? Same result really?

    The real shame is that over half the posters in the TA threads are only there for the drama and those with an actual reason to check everyday have to spend ages skipping through junk posts to see if anything has changed, spoiler, it normally hasn't (but the threads got 3+ pages added).

    My only comment on the update would be that while I'm saddened by the news and to a certain degree saw it coming I doubt I will return as a TA customer (post Bob) I really liked the idea we were helping develop products with feedback and that i was supporting a local UK company.... Oh well plenty of other places to spend my money, no hard feelings.

    Back to waiting for my PM6, Air and Icarus 1 I guess.
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  10. hernandoco
    He typically takes a few days. I also asked for a refund but was refused because I'm a kickstarter backer. Hopefully you bought it from their site, otherwise no refund for you either.
  11. hernandoco
    I wouldn't be a return customer either. Heck, I don't even want to be a customer right now.
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  12. mashuto
    Yea, they have been saying forever that they can't refund kickstarter order. But I ordered from the site, so we will see. I have not been rude in my communications, just wanted to hear something, anything at this point.

    Anyways, I have said my peace and whether this thread stays open or not, I will not be complaining further, just wanted to add one more anecdote to the pile.
  13. Numpsy
    Still waiting for the cancellation Kieran said I could have on Thursday here (has anyone who's got a refund in the last few days received it without raising it with PayPal/CC company?)
  14. hernandoco
    That's good news for you. You actually have a chance at a refund.
  15. acestaniel
    I gave up on Trinity a long time ago, especially when Bob promises you your Hunter that you pre ordered and paid in full has shipped then only to find out nothing has shipped. When confronted what does he do? He lies again then blocks you. Good thing, I canceled and got my money back. I've tried the PM6 through a friend who purchased and it has weird treble peaks so get your money back and cancel. Also, one of the PM6 owners here is already claiming warranty for it, guess why? The connector is wobbly and the audio is cutting in and out when he moves about. Just like the Atlas, Phantom Sabre, PM4.
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