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  1. ncristia
    I just received a refund on my Icarus III through paypal. I had to escalate it to a claim but they did honor my wish not to have it ship out of Alabama. Now if my Master that I sent back for repair comes to me when stock is replenished I'm one of the lucky ones.
  2. Karendar
    Been trying to submit a claim through Paypal and I keep getting errors. THE ENTIRE WORLD IS AGAINST ME :O
  3. .Koufós.
    Just received my refund from PayPal for the ICARUS 3. I am officially done with Trinity. But, I STILL NEED A GOOD IEM! The Vyrus 2 looks interesting. Anything else in that price range or is this the best $100 iem?
  4. HungryPanda
    I recommend the Pioneer SE-CH9T
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  5. Podster
    Indeed, I feel the same way. I don't believe Jake was CS certified but as the wheels are falling off management tries to throw anything at the problem good or bad. I feel Bob and Jake were just trying to do the jobs they were hired for and the bad decision making was coming from those in power! I never knew the whole story of what was going on and some of Bob's email replies to me were sounding desperate as in I heard the words "Legal Action" which let me know things were a real mess at best. Everyone just needs to remember the old saying "Don't shoot the messenger", that being Jake and a Bob after June 1st for sure.
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  6. FrutigerSans
    Thanks for the info and "encouragement" guys. Sad to see that despite the claimed numbers so few head-fiers have gotten them to write about it.

    Speaking of campfires... I did audition the campfire andromeda and Jupiter. Both felt a touch sibilant to me. Does this probably mean I should stock up on dampener foam for my mythical PM6?

    For background I've been using the Westone 4 since it came out. The best universal that describes my preferred sound in recent memory is the Unique Melody Miracle v2, although it's out of stock where I am and can't bring my self to pay the 50% premium getting it online.
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  7. .Koufós.
    Haven't heard of that one yet. Will look into it. However, there is a slight problem. I am trying to get iems before Thursday so, amazon is my only choice and the se ch9t is not available for prime:disappointed:
  8. Miko 7
    What a shi!t storm, I just requested to cancel my I3 and I4 orders, I don't need this kind of drama from a hobby
  9. boblauer
    Your memory is absolutely correct and the pattern seems to be a bit disconcerting. I checked out of this thread some time ago when I got out of the Trinity debacle once I finally got my Masters and feel bad some of the same folks are still circling the landing field. As far as the new guys credentials I'm going to say wait and see as I know of dozens whose online resume is no where near up to date, including my own.
  10. sejsel
    Yeah, but the question remains who takes over as a head audio engineer or designer in place of Bob. This as a side note, since this is the question probably already solved internally at Trinity Audio.
  11. JaeYoon
    Some sibilance might be normal. It happens in live events too.

    It could be pm6 is just shooting out whats given in with emphasis from certain filters.
  12. AverageDude
    This is all so sad.
    We had a chief designer involved in the community, asking for feedback and taking the advice into consideration.
    A customer representative who was praised until no later than 3-4 months ago.
    A company producing excellent IEMs (most will agree with that) at a very hard to beat price (especially at pre-order price).
    Everything that was built in a 18 months time frame collapsing in 6 months time.
    And the same company now targets one unnamed employee, but everyone knows who they referred to, as the one responsible person for taking all the blame, but still keeping him onboard (sorry, should I be as an employee responsible for such a mess, I'd be not only fired, but also possibly suit in a court), and lets us know its head of design is leaving.
    Please excuse my attitude/feelings, but this is a very sad day for me.
    Jake has my sympathy, and so does @Bobtrinity , I wish them both the best for the future, especially the near future for the ones staying within the company...
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  13. majo123
    I have been out of the game for about a month now and had sort of drifted away from worrying about trinity , i have to say getting that email yesterday just made me feel angry the more and more they try to dig out of the hole they created with more as far as I'm concerned dishonesty the more there upsetting people.
    Since yesterday there has virtually been not one positive comment about them on here , no one is believing anything anymore even if any of it is true.
    They cried wolf too many times and now it's biting them big time.
    Who ever owns trinity has not learned anything from the past 6 months going on that email update , I'm going to try and get off there mailing list.

    Bob you made some great iems , delta, sabre, master so keep going.
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  14. hernandoco
    I tried to cancel my PM6 due to some family things I need to tend to, need money to travel. Unfortunately can't get a refund if you're a kickstarter backer. I held on for so long. I feel terrible.
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  15. OopsWrongPlanet
    US pre shipment tracking info received 3pm EST, for Icarus III.

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