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  1. wilberforce55
    Gold cable just arrived, so now i have cables with no IEMs
  2. sejsel
    My point was merely that the info in the Trinity Audio's update mail (to all customers) regarding the Icarus III is not consistent - as of yet - with the status of the Icarus III at my account.

    Furthermore, I wanted to point out that I personally would be interested - as probably some other customers would - in any info. on the progress of the Icarus I.

    Icarus I is something I really need for outdoors use, it is supposed to be small and good - sound qualitywise, and as such of interest for anyone who ordered it.
    I would be actually one who prefers to see the Icarus I shipping out before the Icarus III ; this will not happen, of course, but just pointing out the possible utility value of the Icarus I and Icarus II .
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  3. Walderstorn
    Thanks for posting this and it's worrying, to say the least.
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  4. 2Dutch
    If people higher up were so blind to all the complaints and issues for months and months, they weren't even remotely doing their job. And they are still working there.. -shakes head-. I truly hope everyone receives their iems in a timely manner. But after that..I don't think Trinity Audio will have many loyal customers left. Bob was the face of the company, and now he's gone soon as well. We don't know anything about the other people behind the company and how they operate/think/plan. If those passive agressive replies from 'the new dude' on YouTube are any indication of how things will be(come), it ain't good, lol.

    Maybe Bob will start his own company now or finds one that will give him a lot of freedom to do things his way. Wish Jake and Bob all the best. Let's see how this soap opera continues, hehe
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  5. Intensecure
    I think I'd better qualify that a bit: he was responding to some pretty disparaging comments left by viewers. I'm sure we all know what YouTube commenters can be like, pretty wild and uncontrolled. He was defending the company, I may not have liked the tone but neither did I like the tone of the comments - much worse than we see here.
    So please don't make too much of a few comments, let's judge on job performance. I was more concerned that his "industry experience" doesn't exactly shine out of his online resume, I'm not seeing any references to "major industry players" in his CV.
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  6. 2Dutch
    My bad for taking it out of context,you are right. It's very hard to stay friendly and normal with some people that comment on YT yeah, hell it's almost impossible even in some cases. I do think it is a bit odd that he's not a known player, we all want experienced guys or gals to run things over there and fix things.
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  7. Walderstorn
    Someone jog my memory but i could swear that's what Bob said after leaving Rockjaw to form Trinity...because he wanted freedom with no compromisses, or something like that. Maybe i was daydreaming but i don't think i was.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
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  8. 2Dutch
    Makes sense, but sad to see this dream hasn't come true..YET :)
  9. Tooros
    Fingers Crossed - Dan shows up here.
  10. Keon
    You replace the head of the company, and blame the only other person anyone really knew about, if a company makes these sort of decisions, I simply cannot trust in their quality anymore.
    I will send back both the Air and the PM6 within the 14 days to get my full refund. What a waste of everyones time.
  11. Carrow
    Happy to see Jake got ***canned. I know it's harsh but he lied to me for months so he can go choke. Don't care about the future of TAE anyway.
  12. Karendar
    So just wrote my adieu email to trinity. By tonight, I will force a charge back on my credit card and contest all icarus line through paypal. The ordeal will be over and I can move on to a product line I actually believe in. Good luck to everyone who sticks to this rollercoaster ride.
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  13. Walderstorn
    Regarding the PM6 i would advise against but that's just my personal choice.

    Buy Dunu and be happy.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  14. majo123
    Hope it all goes smoothly.
  15. quartertone
    As an alternative to boycotting the company completely, one can also just take the normal consumer route - order products when they exist in stock at some online store like Amazon. Then one knows they're there and doesn't have to dick around with delays and excuses. The big bait from Trinity was always the massive preorder discount, but that loses its value if things go down the drain like this. I don't know if the newer products are worth their retail prices, but the earlier (cheaper) ones I tried certainly were.

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