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  1. Monsoon
    I'm waiting on PM6, Hunters and Airs. The first two should be coming via DHL which is 1-2 business days for me and past tracking number have only come the day of receiving it. I have picky ears both for sound and especially fit so if either the Hunter and/or PM6 don't work for me I plan to put them up for sale at cost. Kinda hoping I didn't wait a year just to resell them though.
  2. Midgetguy
    It was, after all, only heresay (we get to blame you as the originator right? :yum:), so they are by no means obligated to give any sort of extra gift. Though I will contend the Icarus 1 code was created as an apology for the delays 2 months ago, not the subsequent lying. They do have a right not to give out any extra stuff since they never said they would, though, so there's that. As for the losses....I don't think you really need to guess. If their profit margins weren't razor thin before, there's no way they aren't now. Needing to spend so much time sourcing a new supplier meant they were burning time to actually produce things. And in business, time does equal money. Whoever's doing the accounting for Trinity Audio probably has a very deep crease in their brow now that wasn't there 5 months ago.

    I do still wonder what these special privileges are. I think it was mentioned at one point that there's essentially advanced notice or something for sales and new products, but that's probably old news; besides, that seems to apply to basically anyone who's ever bought something from Trinity and is on the email list anyway. Someone suggested that early notice of the Icarus IV pre-order was a thing, but like I said, that just went out to anyone who's on the Trinity mailing list.

    Wow, USPS near you totally sucks balls. They're pretty good near me, haven't had any issues as long as I didn't have them delivering to an apartment mailbox. Cuz when that happens, those people doing my place (moved out of there now) apparently just don't know how to read numbers.
  3. johnnykcs0123
    My PM6 is in a plane. Should arrive Singapore tomorrow or Tuesday :)
  4. 2Dutch
    How are your thoughts on the new cable system guys? Love my Masters soundwise and in ears (Was afraid that would not work well with my weird ears, but it did, pfew), but that cable system..can't really warm up to it yet. Clipping the cable onto your shirt helps a lot, but still, far from the lightweight no hassle on my Delta's.
  5. Martin1977
    The new cable system is really bad idea in my opinion. I'm not going to buy any IEM with fixed cables. Trinity solved their problem with low quality connectors, but I think using just any other higher quality connectors would be much better idea. This solution is good for Trinity (no connector problems), but not as good for end customers (if anything above Y-split gets wrong, there is no way to replace it).
    I'm waiting for my Hunter, which should have standard 2 pin connectors.
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  6. OldDude04
    I thought I wouldn't like the new cabling, but after using it with the Master for a few weeks now, it doesn't bother me a bit. I use a trick someone suggested earlier about letting the Y-Split hang down behind you and it works great. They seem really sturdy at the earbuds themselves, making it less likely to have to send the IEMs back for service. All in all, I can understand why Trinity went this way.
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  7. HungryPanda
    I have no problems with the new cabling, I understand why anyone would like to recable but it really doesn't matter to me as they sound great as they are
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  8. majo123
    I have to say im mixed with the new cable system , while I dont find any problems with it , cable seems sturdy, comfortable and i have no problem with the connector hanging.
    I do however share a concern over damage long term , let's face it if your gonna break your iem 90 percent of the time it's the cable , so i do prefer detachable cables from shell.
    For me my decision on buying fixed cable usually relays to cost, i personally wouldn't buy an iem over £200 with fixed cable because the cost to poss damage and loss of money is too much for me. That said the new cabling system might turn out to be super strong and my worries would be needless
    Also for the amount of money the masters cost even at full price it wouldnt be a worry to me.
    I would definitely not pay full price for the hunter if it had had fixed cable and I'm pleased to see the pm6 also doesnt.
    The master for me are excellent and i honestly don't think il ever find another iem EVER that will give me what it gives for the money I paid.
    So big thumbs up for trinity but i do think they should keep detachable cables from shell on the more high end/ costly models.
  9. Jeffreyy
    I'm not able to keep up with this thread, it's getting faster and faster. And cause I dont want to read through 60 pages can anyone tell me if anyone received original deltas ?
  10. majo123
    I am still waiting for original deltas too .
  11. Jackpot77
    For those who were asking about the size or ergonomics of the Hunter, have updated my blog post on Audio Primate with some comparison shots vs a few IEMs for size purposes - Campfire Andromeda, Campfire Vega, a CustomArt 9-driver CIEM and also the Trinity Hyperion - should hopefully give people an idea where these sit in terms of size. Link below:

  12. majo123
  13. Tommy C

    You will probably get a Master instead.
  14. Remiam7

    Yeah, my nasty e-mails to UPS and FedEx have worked, but USPS refuse to cooperate.
  15. Remiam7

    Thank You for posting this! Like the size and shape of the Hunter even more. The photos of the Hunter make it appear much darker. I wonder if this is a condition that will happen over time.

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