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  1. Jackpot77
    Can't remember what you wrote from Canjam - I remember them sounding good, but think the final retail package is leaving a better impression once I find the best filter.

    It's very difficult to put a finger on it describe - the clarity and cutting edge of the treble (not sibilance) is one difference, but the sound almost feels like a fine mist (no grain) in terms of the 3D staging - vocals are a little further back than the mids on some of the gear I am using, and the sound almost feels like it is diffusing around my head in a wide sphere. Despite that, imaging and placement is pretty high level, as is detail retrieval.

    Will definitely need more listening to come to any concrete conclusions, but the effect does remind me a little of the airiness on the highs in the Andromeda (but doesn't sound the same, before anyone draws any "Hunter sounds like Andro / better than Andro" conclusions!).

    Also, the impact on the bass is very good even when the quantity is lower.

    Like I said, more thought and listening required, but would like to hear your previous thoughts?
  2. majo123
    It's torture on any mobile now!
    Realy unstable, notifications dont show up
    Email notifications are hit and miss.
    Spent about 3 hours yesterday thinking no one was discussing because it just wasn't there, the whole thread was not updating with posts.
    Also if you didn't like mobile version before you could switch to desktop, now I can't,?? seems im stuck with mobile version.
    All this on android galaxy s7.

    Oh and can you try and elaborate on the "special quality" if poss???
    ( I'm a fine one to talk already stated in not the best at describing what i hear lol )
  3. playininjapan
    Received the Masters. Both case and Kombi tips included. Shipped on May 9th via Royal Post. Never received a tracking # nor did I receive an order status update. They just showed up in the post. So, a little under two weeks to Japan. Initial impressions: the build is solid, the filters are presented nicely and the graphite is sharp. For me, the fit is much better right out of the box with the provided tips.

    Overall a huge upgrade over the PM4. Like what I hear already, but less than an hour of listening won't prove much and some of that may be a placebo effect of relief! I am happy with my purchase and also have the Icarus on order so the battle will continue. Now about that Icarus IV...............
  4. majo123
    Hope you got iems and player with you,
    Whatever surgery you just had hope your up and about soon.
  5. Midgetguy
    Dang, I'm still waiting for my Hunter to show up. Those who have received theirs in the US and don't have location listed, where you guys located? Y'all are making me jealous :tired_face:

    Also, remember when at one point, someone said Bob told them there's gonna be something special for Hunter and PM6 owners since we got lied to for so long? So uhh.....what's the special thing? Cuz so far, I've only seen people get things they were supposed to get in the first place, no real extras.

    Also also, I hope to see my Airs show up someday. I wonder when the revamped versions will come out of production and start getting packed for shipment. Still looking forward to that storm trooper color combo.
  6. Intensecure
    I'm still thinking that "special thing" was advance access to the IcarusIV offer...be nice if it was something better. :wink:
  7. Aevum
    Had my masters for a couple of weeks already,

    Great IEM with a couple of flaws, compared to the PM4 it has a much cleaner and faster sound, the bass is more controlled, imaging is better,
    but on the other hand they are heavier, the case is somewhat sharp for those of us with bigger ears, the cable is too thick and cumbersome, (funny, going from one extreme to another, from too fragile to too robust).

    I like the sound, lets see if i get use to the weight.

    Just as a sidenote, since after several cables have shown the same issues with the PM4, is the 2 pin conenctor compatible with the Westone cables ? becuase the trinity cables for the PM4 are just hopeless .
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  8. hernandoco
    Lol, you're still waiting? I'm still waiting for you to get yours because Hawaii... Unless someone here is from SoCal, you're the closest to me. If u no headphone, I no headphone.
  9. majo123
    I just listened to Corrine Bailey raes version of since I've been loving you as recommended, stunning vocal as always from her.
    But my favourite is still the zeppelin version, more my genre i think .
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  10. HungryPanda
    Hope you get them soon Layman1 and get well soon
  11. bk123
    Sorry guys, I was the one who announced that there would be surprise gift for everyone. But, I can observe it is not there.
    It is the prerogative of the seller though. It would be very unethical of me to reveal what exactly I came to know from Trinity.
    Trinity has already offered lowest prices and ICARUS1 for 10GBP as an apology token. it is not less than the surprise gift.

    After Air battery debacle, I believe it will be very unfair that we should ask for more gifts from Bob.They have already incurred losses I guess.
    sejsel likes this.
  12. Tommy C
    Well in all fairness it wasn't promised here by Trinity so I don't think there is much to complain about. People feel lucky to get a case and Kombi tips so l guess that will do the trick.
    I don't know what was promised to you but it's probably not going to happen.
    Better not promise if they can't fulfill.
    About the Air, it is completely irrelevant as people expect useable pair of wireless earphones. Saying they are already losing money well that's on them. They run a business not a charity and as such make business decisions. People paid to back projects and purchase products. They didn't give donations to charity.
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
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  13. fpessolano
    I would be happy to get again a case with my IEM after none was given with the vyrus. I do not need any other present. Just delivery and the case again.
  14. sejsel
    Well, I thought as well that some of the enjoyment with Masters might have been a placebo effect, even if I knew the very first day what I have heard, and as critical as the listener I am I was just pouring on them the usual daily dose of what I listen from the web... These are mostly high quality streams... So I did some changes of the filters and was listening from 2-4 different sources every day...

    Thus far, they have only confirmed the good and consistent performance, continue to shine, so needles to say - very pleased with the purchase and their qualities. Their sound signature does tend to border on the "technical" side, as Bob mentioned it, but I would also agree with one user who noted that he did not regard them as purely "analytical", although I would be inclined to say that they gravitate towards such sound.
    Still, there is a dose of the musicality in their sound signature that allows the judgment of the mentioned user who posted his opinion in this thread.
    Surely. for the rebate, Masters are a steal.
    playininjapan likes this.
  15. sejsel
    Provided that Icarus I appears to the users in reasonable time, I would agree that - together with heavy rebates on the Masters, Icarus III and Icarus I, these offers from the Trinity are very generous. Difficult, if not impossible, to find better value at the moment.
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