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  1. Remiam7

    Hope your right! With more employees shipping may move faster and more smoothly. I was told mine would have shipped out in 2-3 weeks. As of today it is the end of two weeks, so not really sure what to think. But I will now be contacting Jake next Monday about getting a tracking number. I need to be at home when it's delivered and especially if by DHL. They would just leave the package and I know it would be stolen easily.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  2. harpo1
    No signature required. I had the same concerns about them leaving it that's why I contacted Bob for a tracking number. They delivered it about 30 minutes before I got home. Thankfully they were there when I returned.
  3. Remiam7
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  4. harpo1
    These things have great detail, imaging and stage presence. I'm having an issue with silibence but I haven't done much filter/tip rolling yet. This is from my new iFi iDSD black and I've heard some silibence with other headphones as well so I'm going to change to my mojo next and see if that helps. For me fit/comfort is top notch using the included kombi tips. They are smaller than the Masters and a lot lighter.
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  5. Remiam7

    Yeah, now I am just a little worried about this and will have to be very vigilant about watching out for delivery. Enjoy!
  6. Intensecure
    Interesting how different it can be between different countries. I always thought DHL to be the best for efficiency.
    Here in SE Asia, they will only deliver to your door, require ID before signing for the package, and ruthlessly enforce it - if you ask for delivery to your office, you'd better have your ID on you or the package is going back. I suppose it's an indictment of the trust in local veracity. :frowning2: But it's very secure.
    Sadly the local post is a bit quirky, they carry the package out with them, but refuse to take the elevator to your floor (in a condominium) but always leave a "couldn't deliver" note in the downstairs mailbox. Infuriating. Especially when you are home and waiting.
    To top it off we have a numerically dyslexic postman who sees the x-y-z number and 50% of the time posts it in z-x-y instead. If lucky the owner of that postbox will place it in my box. /Sigh. My Hyperion order was misposted and only by luck and enquiry at the post office was it located, several days after I should have received it. So more expensive orders always get tracked, I just hope that Trinity do their end efficiently and send out tracking numbers, otherwise it's all in vain. :wink:
  7. Remiam7

    I have been noticing that sending tracking numbers to be quite random on Trinity's part. As expensive as the PM6 and especially the Hunter are, you would think everyone should be sent tracking info somehow.
  8. Remiam7

    Correction to my reply. They are not going by order date, as I pre-ordered June 17th. Oh well.
  9. crush
    Remember that they have a new contact for all non-european enquiries: kieran@trinityaudioengineering.com
  10. Remiam7
    Thanks for posting this info as I did not know!
  11. Dudco
    Can somebody share some pictures and impressions about PM6? I ordered PM6 and for sure will wait about 4 week for delivery. We have few people that received PM6 but only one photo (thanks by the way) so far.
  12. majo123
    Your post pleased me...i was wondering on the size compared to master, i love my master and have no problem with fit or comfort but i have small ears and any bigger i don't think I would have got away with it.
    Can't wait to get my hunter even more now, would be good to hear some sound comparisons too compared to master.
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  13. Layman1
    Hi all,

    Amidst this tal of Trinity never using crossovers (until Icarus IV), the thought popped into my head that the Hunter has always had its vectoring chamber system, which in effect *is* a kind of crossover network, or at least a mechanically based equivalent.
    Just some stream of consciousness rambling as I'm in hospital recovering from a surgery lol
  14. Layman1
    Great to know you've received them and hear your initial impressions!

    I don't know if you recall my own impressions from CanJam and the demo version I have, but I also commented on them having a kind of special/unique quality that I hadn't heard before on any other IEM's.

    So I was wondering whether the special quality to which you were referring was the same as the one to which I was referring? If you get my meaning lol

    If you can't remember, I'll post a refresher later. Am typing on an old iPhone and it's torture >.<
  15. Layman1
    Finally, am waiting on PM6 to arrive, figure it's got to be by the end of next week, if not this weekend or Monday.
    Really hoping they've solved the coherence/treble issues I personally found with the PM4, as they seem to have done with the Master :D

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