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  1. Kevinb0127
    I was June 6. Seems like a lifetime ago...
  2. CactusPete23
  3. Remiam7

    I already have my balanced cable attached to one of my Pono Player's just waiting for my Hunter!
  4. posnera
    According to the last email, they are mostly made but there were problems with the last batch. That defective batch will be replaced with Masters.
    There are no reports of any of the A-D being delivered.
  5. superpc
    This was the information I was given on 9th of May on my AD when I requested for refund. In the email message (bottom) I specifically told them not to give me another copy and paste "next week". If this was yet another lie I am not sure what to make of it, so I hope it's not.

    I have just sent another email last Friday for an update but I have not received a reply yet. Will update if I received the IEM or if there's a reply from Trinity.

    I do NOT want an "upgrade" in the Master, btw. I have listened to the Delta V-II before and ordered the AD based on that impression. In fact after owning the Master for two weeks now, I personally preferred the Delta because the Master still has that strange treble similar to PM4, although it's much better with the black dampened filter and it is still a good buy for 60 bucks. I am in the camp of "good value, but not really a steal" regarding the Master. Delta V-II however, was a steal when I listened to it a while ago.

    Screenshot from 2017-05-22 09-35-49.png
  6. ncristia
    I sent an e-mail to the new guy handling the USA customers that I do not want another Master. Waiting on Icarus III, Atlas-Delta and Icarus I. Ant the original 3.5 to 2.5 balanced cable. I've requested cancellation twice with Jake and have received a really vague e-mail that has nothing to do with my cancellation request. Hopefully new guy will be a real boy and not some automated e-mail bot.
  7. Tommy C
    The Atlas Delta story sounds exactly like the the 290 pieces that were not ready and were mostly for Head-Fi users. It was yet another attempt to justify the delays. I didn't believe it then and don't believe it now with the Atlas Delta.
    If the AD was already in production and some delivered Trinity could have contacted the ones who are still waiting and ask them if they want a Master instead, cancel or choose to wait for their AD.
    Unfortunately with Trinity they choose for some odd reason not to be transparent with their customers and in some cases tell them straight up lies. This got to stop.
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  8. sososerious
    Would be nice if the salt and speculation could stop too, just saying.

    As iems are arriving I and I'm sure many others were hoping we could get back on track with some beneficial discussion over them - just ask yourself, in the spirit of the headfi forum and posting guidelines... what does the above add?

    Still waiting for my PM6 in the UK, yes it's frustrating others are receiving hunters etc but I can wait a little longer. Can't wait though. (Edit: can wait, can't wait, lol, I dunno I'm just excited at this point!).
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
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  9. Layman1
    So, in my hunt for better tips for my Trinity Audio IEM's (and my Noble Katana), I bought a box of Monster gel Supertips (all Large size) from ebay.

    It turns out that the L size are too big, because unlike Comply style foam tips, these gel ones can't be squished first and then expand to fit.

    However, the box included a pair of their foam Supertips, which fit well and seem to increase clarity and soundstage noticeably!
    So just wondering if anyone in the UK would be interested in some kind of exchange?

    I'd be interested to try the gel ones in Medium size, just to see how they are.
    And/or, I'd like to swap my Large gel Supertips for a set of Large foam supertips.
    Please PM me with suggestions if interested?
  10. Layman1
    PS: I also tried the Crystalline Audio's 'Crystal tips' (another foam tip with a wide firmer plastic core).
    They seem identical to the ones that Trinity provide (the L/M size) with their IEM's.
    I personally didn't notice any improvement in sound, but I did with the Supertips (foam).
    The gel Supertips are supposed to offer an even better audiophile sound, but I couldn't tell because I couldn't get them to fit (in my ear):frowning2:
  11. Layman1
    (post from the 'What the Future Holds' thread, posted here for convenience/standardisation reasons; hope that's ok!)
    Are you guys trying the new filters? I have been experimenting with the Masters.

    I started with undamped gold filters, so that I could A/B test them against the PM4.
    By chance, I quickly found a song that revealed coherence and treble issues (for me) with the PM4, but even with the same filters, the issue wasn't present on the Master.

    After a bit more experimentation, I switched to the black and then the blue filters.
    The black filters were good, but I like the idea of a more neutral sound signature and not decreasing bass or emphasising treble over mids etc

    I've been using the blue filters for the last two days or so now. Very impressed with them and the Master generally.
    I feel that part of the whole evolution of the Trinity sound (and solving former issues) is based around these new filters, so I kind of decided I'd just stick with the new ones.
    I think @FUYU said that there was a spike in the graph that led to decoherence and a treble spike, but this wasn't present with the new filters, only with the old ones?

    I've also been trying out the Master with a tiny portable amp (an old C&C BH2).
    Not quite sure. At first I thought it sounded better and increased soundstage.
    Now I'm feeling possibly it shrinks soundstage? But there does seem to be something that's improved with amping; I just haven't been able to figure it out yet..

    Any suggestions about things to look out and test for would be great!
    Am trying to volume match as closely as possible.
  12. Cloudheaven
    Someone is still waiting for the Master? I've ordered the Master in mid January and I'm in central EU.
    I'm starting to worry.
  13. FrutigerSans
    Same. Ordered the Air in Sept, PM6 in Dec and Master in Jan. Still waiting on all three.

    I'm in singapore and several others have reported having received their masters at least but guess mine wasn't in that batch.

    On 26 April Jake replied to me saying all the Masters have been shipped and I should wait 7-14 business days for their arrival. It's been more than that, but still holding out daily hope for at least one to arrive soon.
  14. Indigo Bob
    The above adds to the critical thinking that is in the spirit of head-fi. It is evidence based and exploratory into the possibilities of the misinformation, vagueness, and poor professionalism in handling these shipments that I am glad head-fiers criticize holding higher standards that what is subpar standards that are provided and consistently made excuses for.

    I have ordered the Atlas Delta as well and absolutely do not want the master. The Delta vII was better than the saber, the pm4, and judging by the reports, a better balanced sound for my preferences than the Master.
  15. Kazer
    Glad things are arriving for some. I am still awaiting my PM6 in Atlanta, GA USA. Order placed 6/28/2016.
    Hopeful with others receiving orders that this week is the week. Unfortunately I am in California right now so even if they do arrive, I won't be able to give a listen right away.
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