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  1. Jackpot77
    Morning all - for anyone wanting to see some unboxing shots of the new Phantom Hunter "in the wild", have posted some on Audio Primate - mine arrived yesterday (UK) so currently have them on heavy rotation. Initial impressions are good - definitely a level up over my experience with the PM4 and other IEMs further down the Trinity line. No Litz cables in the shots - they are being terminated to order so should have those shortly with any luck!

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  2. JaeYoon
    Nice pictures!
  3. Martin1977
    I'm a little bit disappointed, that litz cables are missing. Any info from Trinity when (if) are they going to provide them?
  4. Jackpot77
    Heard back from them today - should be about two weeks for mine.
  5. Intensecure
    I like the colours, reminds me of my motorcycle exhaust :)
    Are you happy with the finish, looks a touch "home made" in places?
  6. esm87
    @Jackpot77 any filter that you prefer above the rest bud at the moment?

    It's so mad, this hobby. Im now listening to my pm4, all last week i listened to the master and most of my overall listening is done with the P7W. Going between them all and adjusting back then changing again is bit of a mind **** to enjoy music lol. Deffinetley enough reason to totally streamline to a single IEM & HP I love.

    I find the masters to sound somewhat veiled very slightly compared to the pm4. If your somebody that high treble doesn't affect you then pm4 with silver UD filter really offers a real enjoyable listen. Punchy, bassy, detailed, clarity, nice vocals have loved them since I've had them. The fit is excellent for my ears also, always use the kombi large for me too. Very light also. These may end up as a rare collector IEM possibly.

    I hope the icarus iii drive easier than the master
  7. Jackpot77
    It looks better in person (as it were) - lighting at home didn't really do it justice. The Titanium finish actually looks a little tarnished when it first arrives, but a quick buffing with a cloth brings it up to a nice shine. No idea if this is a thing with burnt Titanium, but will keep an eye on it to see if they need regular polishing! :wink:

    Ergonomics and finish are both fine for me - no idea if I have one of the original manufacturing batches or the replacement provider, so imagine there might be some small variations in finish between the two as well.

    The cable connection for provided standard Trinity multibraid is solid and sits flush with the shell, so looks very nice.

    One thing that amused me is the complete lack of branding on the box, apart from the Trinity logo. It's either a stealth IEM or they really are a limited edition one off...
  8. Jackpot77
    I've got the gold damped in - found the best balance of sound for my preferences there. Others I've not discounted yet are green and blue and silver undamped, sky-high the last one may be a bit too much of a bass cannon for me. The Hunter is definitely another sub bass capable IEM.
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  9. dave9527
    In fact how many cables should we get for pm6 and hunter?
  10. riesz

    Is this what I'm supposed to imagine the Icarus I to function like? And how does the bluetooth work here?
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  11. Intensecure
    Forget the last bit, just connect the DACAMP to the hanging connection, and Bluetooth to that. So it hangs from the earphones. No need for a cable *from* the DACAMP to a player - that's where the Bluetooth comes in. :)
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  12. dave9527
    BT lanyard without wire but a 3.5mm female
  13. Sound Eq
  14. Intensecure
    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but slight, positive change on Icarus III specs, the faceplates: not just carbon fibre, the IMHO nicer metal as well.
    • Interchangeable metal and carbon fibre faceplate colours (Black/Yellow/Blue/Red)
  15. nealh
    Sounds like Hunter is off to a very positive start.

    Congrats, it looks like you're one of the first people to receive it and post initial impressions. I always find your reviews and comments to be fantastic. Very detailed, clear and complete. I appreciate all your conclusions as well.
    I look forward to your final review
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