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  1. dave9527
    I think it should be discounted price £120 for one month limited time (guaranteed?) and the first 250 order will get free hyperion (also guaranteed?)
    Anyway, I'm passing on this also:blush:
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  2. phthora
    I picked up a pair. I've been very impressed with the Phantom Masters, and it seems like the Icarus IV will have an airier sound. Speculating, of course. Excited to hear them!
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  3. CactusPete23

    Yeh, got this email today also...

    Though this may very well be a fantastic deal, especially for the first 250.. I am still waiting to hear what any Trinity IEM sounds like; Having ordered 2 pair of the AD's 8 months ago... And now have no idea when I'll get the Masters, now as a replacement; Since they "ran out" of AD's for my obviously late order. I'm sure that there is no way I will get to hear a trinity IEM before this pre-order is finished 30 days from now.

    So I'm sure some others with some actual listening experience, will jump on this.
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  4. Intensecure
    Someone's been reading your concerns about the Icarus IV size, lol, this now posted:
    You have been informed. :wink:
    Edit: @duracek beat me to it, many posts back..:)
    But looking at all the points raised here, size, missing codes etc all have been addressed on Trinity website now.... someone (Hi Bob!) is paying attention again. :wink:
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
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  5. Intensecure
    So this is indeed to be the last Trinity pre-order, huh?
    The end of an era. :wink:
    Not sure how they will do in the current market with their retail prices, I foresee "MASSIVE SALES" and "UNMISSABLE DEALS!" somewhere in the future, it all gets a bit Carpet Warehouse when you get emails like this. :wink:
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  6. Noisemusic
    Wow, I was having trouble logging in this morning and I accidentally logged into my old account! Never would have noticed otherwise, thanks!
  7. posnera
    I got excited when I saw an email from Trinity. Thought it was a shipping notice. No more preorders for me.
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  8. OldDude04
    I'm sticking with the PM4/Master/Icarus III. I've only got 2 ears, lol. Plus, I use over ear headphones at home and work, so I use IEM's only when out and about.
  9. Intensecure
    Bob has decided to visit us again, last seen logged in yesterday evening. After a long absence.
    Are you going to engage, Bob or just watch? :wink:
  10. Dudco
    I read like crazy all posts in this thread really happy that few people got there IEM.
    Boys and girls please don't be shy post your pictures, impresions about PM6 and Hunter. We were waiting these IEM for so long. And alot of us will wait even more. Also this impressions can help people with future purchases like Icarus 4.
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  11. majo123
    If the master and sabres were anything to go by then i think it will be a fantastic iem.
    But i realy cant take a risk on the size which is a shame because the delays and wait never bothered me .
    Sounds like a fantastic deal for most .
  12. fpessolano
    Great deal for the first 250, but I have too many trinity orders not delivered yet. If they come and sound great. maybe I will jump in and shut up in the mean time as way ot making amend (since another iem is truly not needed)
  13. PxOR
    :frowning2: that's really bad news for me then. because on the website it always says not available. maybe i should make an inquiry
  14. PxOR
    thanks. now i got it.
  15. Intensecure
    You might want to check the page again...:)

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