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  1. Karendar
    Well if we consider the Instagram pic where Icarus III/Master/Icarus IV are side by side, they don't look the same size.. :\
  2. esm87
    Im actually confused, what is the price of the icarus i after discount code and what exactly does it do?

    Im using my mojo as a dac/amp plus I have a cheap sabre diy dac i sometimes use.

    Will the icarus 24bit bluetooth dac/amp allow me to connect my p7 wireless to it via bluetooth aptx and give me an even better sound quality than the regular wireless sq? Which is already pretty amazing to me as it is
  3. capnjack
    I had a problem with both sets of the gold filters but Bob sorted it out and sent me a couple of new sets. However these seem to be the longer filters for the Vyrus v.2. They fit great and sound excellent, so much so they have replaced the black filters as my favourites! Bob also sent me the balanced cable, but as reported elsewhere it has a 3.5mm trrs connector on it which is not what I think was advertised originally (my Cayin N5 has a 2.5mm trrs socket).
  4. Midgetguy
    That's probably a prototype of the Icarus IV in all likelihood (and according to the little blurb on the store page). But now that there's finally a comparison picture, people can stop asking if the Master and Icarus III shells are the same because I've explained every time the basic differences between the two :smile:.

    I don't have any tracking info for Hunter, though I didn't pay for tracked shipping either. I did get tracking info when I bought my Vyrus 2, also without tracked shipping. So either I'm still not getting mine yet or I'm just never gonna get a tracking number, who knows.

    I wish the serial number was engraved in to the edge of the shell rather than just being a sticker in the box. There's gotta be a certain feel of exclusivity when you have products with serial numbers for exclusivity's sake. They should do that for the next run. For example, the MEEAudio Pinnacle P1 had a metal plate with the serial number on the carrying case. THAT's how you do a classy serial number. :relieved:

    Price is 10 pounds with the standard free shipping method. Although I dunno if it'll do what you're thinking it will. My impression is that the Icarus 1 DAC/amp doesn't use a 3.5mm female connector like something like the old Noble BTS; instead, it uses a 3.5mm male connector, which fits their y-split cable structure. Which means you can't just use it with any headphone or or IEM you want unless you buy a 3.5mm female/female connector from some place else.

    EDIT: I totally missed the part about your P7 being wireless. I definitely don't think the Icarus 1 will do what you want it to. It's not meant for use as a relay wireless device. It has to be directly plugged into the headphone/IEM you're planning to listen to.
    Last edited: May 18, 2017
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  5. esm87
    Hmmm so say I use it with my icarus iii/master im going to have a dac/amp just hanging off the Y split moving around? Where's the bluetooth in that?

    I know im looking a total idiot, i just can't grasp the concept for the life of me :deadhorse:
  6. Karendar
    Sadly, most bluetooth DAC/Amps are for receiving audio and can't usually pair as a transmitter to your audio output and receiver for source. You'd need two separate devices that support APT-X HD for that to work properly
  7. majo123
    Head fi alerts not working properly again! E mail or post alert! Thought it was strange no one was talking after reported hunter and pm6 deliverys .
    This mobile app keeps crashing!
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  8. riesz
    I don't suppose there's any info on what the Icarus I looks like or what size it is?
  9. Karendar
    None, you buy one on blind faith. :) But for 10£, why the F not! :D
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  10. OldDude04
    That was my thought exactly.
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  11. majo123
    I agree the Icarus IV look a bit chunky ...the master were big enough for me.
  12. posnera
    I'm more interested in the depth of the piece and the nozzle protrusion. It is hard to see from that one picture.
  13. majo123
    Im also interested in a pic of the master and Hunter side by side size comparison.
    I have small ears and the master were about on the limit of size of what i can wear in my ears . I have sabres and yes i know the hunter are obviously going to be bigger but i feel because of my small ears the round shape fits better.
  14. Karendar
    I participated in Bluewave's Get and they had super early birds at 69 US for a 24 bit bluetooth DAC/Amp. They're selling it for 89 (Coupon) / 99 (full price) now... So 10£ even if it has a male 3.5mm is a steal.
  15. Midgetguy
    Yup, you'll basically turn your IEMs into kind of a necklace with the Icarus 1 as a medallion. The Icarus 1 has a DAC/amp module inside along with a BT receiver. So your phone or whatever sends a BT signal to the medallion around your neck which powers your IEMs. I wonder what kind of battery life it'll have.

    I was gonna say it's a waste of money (even a little money) if it's gonna be of absolutely no use with a male 3.5mm, but then I just realized, I could plug this into my car, which has auxiliary, but no BT. So actually, I could manage to probably use it either way. Ordered :smile:

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