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  1. esm87
    Just had a quick look on the trinity web page at icarus iii and whilst similar, the design does appear to be a bit smaller but that may be an illusion. I can't remember where the impression is of the icarus iii by a member from canjam but I remember it being one of the main reasons for my purchase. I remember him saying something about the presentation and soundstage being very good or something, I could be wrong lol
  2. Keon
    It's very confusing. They said you can order them now or wait for the reveal in a few weeks. That reveal / becoming available never happened. Which is pretty much what I was waiting for tbh.
    **** I hope all of this is gonna be worth it. If I waited a year to get a headphone that is barely worth it's discounted price I am gonna be very sad
  3. Intensecure
    If you look at the size of the cable entry and screw holes and compare with the pictures of the Master that have been shown, it is quite clear that the Icarus III shell is much smaller.
    I'm starting to look obsessive now, so I'll stop :wink: but I'm sure I'm correct.
  4. duracek
    You can see on the latest Instagram photo that they are all slightly different sizes / shapes.
  5. OldDude04
    I was just holding my Masters up to images of the Icarus III on their site and it's clear that they are 2 different shapes with the Masters being the larger of the two. Also, the Icarus III seems to have a deeper insertion.
  6. Karendar
    Unsure about this, do they mean going forward or ALL Icarus I orders?
  7. Karendar
    The size of them on first glance (Inside the box) made them seem small. I took them out and they're thick. :wink: But the width is smaller than other IEM's I've owned back in the day. Can't tell you the brands, as it was a long time ago and I currently only own a Westone W3
  8. fpessolano
    Indeed the Icarus IV is a giant the III loks truly nicely smaller, definitively who suffers with the Master will have issues if the size stays the same.
  9. shkorc
    Same here. I hope they don't go back on their word and still make it available at a later point.
  10. Intensecure
    Just over 7 and half hours left on the Icarus IV countdown.. wonder what the invite only will turn out to be?
    Will we all get another email in 8 hours time, maybe with a further update on all these things.
  11. Biffsearphones

  12. AverageDude
    I did, yesterday, and I am located in Belgium.
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  13. mykupyku
  14. Remiam7

    Sorry for the late reply! I was glued to the Bragi NY event announcement. I am not sure you would want the number associated with my Hunter, if I am correct in the one I will get. You probably have a much better number!
  15. Karendar
    I should be getting the last items in the 990 range, curious on which one they'll send out.

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