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  1. Layman1
  2. Jackpot77
    Hunters arrived this morning, with standard Trinity case and Kombi tips in the outer box.

    Got them in for an initial listen - they are definitely detailed and the ergonomics are very good, but will wait until they/I have "burned in" and got used to each other before posting any impressions - got to find out which filters make my short list (the pre installed reds probably won't be in there) before settling down to some proper listening - they do seem to have a big soundstage from my brief listen so far tho.

    3 standard 2-pin cables in the packaging but no 8 wire Litz "pro" cable - Trinity will be terminating them to order (2.5mm balanced / 3.5mm unbalanced etc) so there is a letter in the box with instructions on how to request what you want by email.

    Serial number is included, and is the one I asked for, but isn't actually marked on the shell, it's a sticker with bar code and authenticity foil stuck on to the foam bed the IEMs arrive in.

    More (including unboxing pics) to follow this evening.
  3. Jackpot77
    Forgot to mention, cable connection is solid, and build looks first class.
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  4. Noisemusic
    Despite Trinity claiming that all Master have been shipped, I am still awaiting a tracking number and confirmation of shipping of my Master (in Canada). I have been extremely patient, but after this latest email with that dubious claim, I emailed TAE enquiring about the shipping status. I have more to say about this whole debacle but I will respectfully reserve judgement until it has all played out.
  5. riesz
    :cold_sweat: wow what. They're like twice the size of my PM4s. The cable is unnecessarily thick and the Y-split is awkwardly big (and starts too early) but the size of the in ears themselves is the reason I'm trying to sell mine. They just look goofy protruding out of my ears.
  6. Intensecure
    Icarus IV pics up. :) and pre-order time seems to have jumped 3 days??
    AD and Delta removed from site. :frowning2:
    Last edited: May 18, 2017
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  7. fpessolano
    Icarus III, IV and master look rather similar indeed (not that it matters)
  8. poro1
  9. OopsWrongPlanet
    Congrats for your very first post after 12 years! How did you do that?
  10. Intensecure
    By writing that, and including the words "development time" with 6 month leads, they seem to be implying more future pre-orders, not the end to pre-orders that was recently stated.
  11. posnera
    It seems that they found a manufacturer to make those shells and will use them for all models. Simplifies the process.
    I was hoping for a smaller piece than the Master, which is why I ordered the AD and Icarus III. I also prefer a longer nozzle for better for and isolation. If the Master doesn't fit me well, I'll have to cancel the Icarus.
  12. Neotribal
    Hey, did you get an email with tracking info for the Hunter or did it just arrive? Where on the globe are you located? Thanks :wink:
  13. RayEarth
    Received the wrong item in the shipment today (received Master but ordered Icarus III), but Trinity wants the CUSTOMER to pay for return shipping from Australia to UK.

    What kind of customer service is this?
  14. harpo1
    Dispute the charges with your credit card company or paypal.
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  15. RayEarth
    Thanks - unfortunately like everyone else the order has been paid awhile back, outside the chargeback period for the CC now.

    I have been giving Trinity some slack on their delays etc but these kind of attitude is making me think that they do not care about customer service at all, even in cases where CLEARLY they are at fault.

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