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  1. elliscwk
    Oh..I see.. 3.5TRRS, just cowon Plenue S have 3.5mm TRRS jack.

    Yes, you're correct Vyrus is straight through cable.
  2. Walderstorn
  3. JaeYoon
    :) really proud Trinity is getting PM6 and Hunters shipping out!
  4. majo123
    I'm glad too , hopefully trinity and this thread can move on from this and we can all mostly just get onto discussing our hunter, pm6 .
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  5. ncristia
    Ah man I actually thought "we will do this for you" was a real response. Silly me I actually believed it. Now I know why it hasn't been done. Like that dribble that was e-mailed today.
  6. ncristia
    "All Masters, Vyrus V2 have been shipped and we are just finalising the last of the Deltas. In regards to the Atlas Delta we have shipped the vast majority but have spotted some QC issues in the last batch and so we are substituting your order for the Master (many have been emailed directly), which is a great upgrade from the Atlas- Delta and is of course no extra cost to you."
    Why would you send this out when you know not one Atlas-Delta has left the building. Todays explanation was more time buying. Prove me wrong. And did the Icarus III slip your mind?
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  7. Tommy C
    Agreed. Customers ordered the Atlas Delta because they wanted the AD, its features and the sound signature which is from Delta line. Many don't want another Master.
    I would LOVE someone here to prove me wrong but I just don't believe any AD has been shipped.
    This is almost as bad as their "most IEMs have been shipped except 290 pieces that are mostly orders by Head-Fi members".
    Come on Trinity, enough already! Just be honest with your customers once and for all.
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  8. Trying2Learn
    Correct me if I'm wrong please but do the Icarus III, Master, and Alpha Delta all use the same shell?
  9. ncristia
    I was hoping for a different shell on the Icarus III or at least a longer nozzle. I do have fit issues with the Master.
  10. Jackpot77
    Just checked the tracking info I was sent yesterday, and my Hunters should be out for delivery today (in the UK). Providing APC don't mess up the delivery, should be able to post a few pics of one "in the wild" this evening!
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  11. esm87
    Really looking forward to your impression of them against the Andromeda. I also hope your doing good bud
  12. poro1
    Great! Although I'm waiting only for Icarus 3, I'm very interested to hear how Hunter will perform.
  13. Intensecure
    Pretty sure that the Icarus III has a much smaller shell, if the design has remained the same. Impressions from someone who tried them were that he could see some people being happier with the smaller form factor. Looks quite a bit smaller to me, and more ergonomic. :)
    AD, we may never know..:wink:
  14. BeatMy808s
    PM6 arrived. I'm in UK.

    Proof : [​IMG]
    Last edited: May 18, 2017
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  15. BeatMy808s
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