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  1. dave9527
  2. Intensecure
    They've been out of Spinfits for a while..
    Quick question: do you get to specify the Kombi size when ordering, or is it luck of the draw?

    Look nice, looking forward to sound impressions :)
  3. BeatMy808s
    Oh sorry, I bought the Kombis, they are an extra...
  4. BeatMy808s
    Two song listen - Marh Cohn - Walking in Memphis and Prince - Purple Rain. Just listened to Robert Miles - Children too.

    Pianos are clear and vibrant, vocals clear, crisp and very detailed. Bass is perfectly balanced, I'm going to love these.

    Can provide images, I am bedbound disabled, so each will take me a few mins, but around for about two hrs.
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  5. Intensecure
    Sorry to hear that :frowning2:
    Based (pun intended) on your username, I guess the bass response is something that you will be listening for.. :wink: :)
  6. BeatMy808s
    Heh - I love the sounds the classic (and emulated) Roland TR-808 makes :)
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  7. paugustin
    Well mate you are the first to have those in hands and ears so enjoy first and post pics and impression when you can :)
  8. BeatMy808s
    Posted a pic upthread in first post today, more later, music and hard to move around at mo! But they are incredible...
  9. idchaw
    Getting excited! Thought this day would never come.

    Those of you who didn't pay for tracked shipping, did you get an email once the iems were shipped? I didn't back when I ordered the Deltas, but I bought those via Kickstarter though. I think I got a shipping notification when I bought Hyperions for my sister, but that was a while back.
  10. poro1
    Thanks for the impressions.. Although I'm not waiting for PM6 the whole mess makes me feel very sympathetic for Trinity and I'm happy to hear that their TOTL objects seem to deliver..
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  11. 2Dutch
    I had a little seperate plastic ziplock bag with Kombi tips, 3 sizes.
    Got no use for the large and small ones. Reminds me to gather/count all of those extra tips I'm not using and post in some topics to get rid of them in exchange for a bar of chocolate or something :grin:
    Intensecure likes this.
  12. Jackpot77
    Hey man, I'm doing well, thanks. Yourself?

    Got some big plans for the Hunters - been writing on the new blog @glassmonkey has been running (Audio Primate) and have been putting together some comparisons with various gear I currently have. Should be running the Hunter up against the CA Andromeda and Vega, a Unique Melody Miracle V2, a pair of JH Audio Rosies and some lower tier gear like the LZ-A4 and Oriveti Primacy. Hoping for some good results!
  13. FranTBW
    That's something I'll look forward to, I own a pair of the New Primacy IEMs, so I shall chime in here too when I have the time.
  14. dave9527
    Are those spinfits below the tips in the box?
  15. esm87
    Im doing good ye! Recently bought the B & W p7 wireless which im in love with, apart from that just waiting on the icarus iii. I'll decide out of the hunter and icarus iii which I prefer and sell the other I guess

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