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  1. Karendar
    A customer service that is heavily bleeding :wink:
  2. jynxed
    I just recieved my hunter shipment tracking number.

    Cant wait, just hope apc overnight dont screw up and take to wrong address like last 2 times lol
    Last edited: May 18, 2017
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  3. harpo1
    Was it Jake that told you to pay return shipping? If so, contact Bob instead.
  4. Intensecure
    As Bob said, "we have now invested in more staff (shipping and customer service)" - from a lot of the seemingly same responses that I and others got from the address that used to be only Jake, maybe there are new people replying to emails who don't yet have the Trinity customer service ethos or experience.
    Definitely try to get hold of Bob himself, insist if necessary and I'm sure you'll not be charged postage. Hope not anyway!
  5. riesz
    They actually look identical to me.
  6. Intensecure
    Icarus III is definitely not the same, you can see that it's smaller and the impression from a trade show visitor was that the form factor is indeed smaller.
    Icarus IV however looks just like the Master.
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  7. posnera
    That was a prototype. We will need to see multiple copies of the production model to know for sure.
  8. RayEarth
    Hi yes it was Jake. What's Bob's email address?
  9. Keon
    Just got a mail back from Jake

    'Unfortunately we have changed the decision of this' so no more Icarus I for shipping cost to apologize for the delay.

    Very unfortunate, don't apologize and offer something to make up for it and then change your mind...
  10. shaju
    Received my Masters yesterday, kombi tips included but no case.

    They look fantastic and sound nice are my first impressions. But is anyone having problems fitting filters on their Masters? Gold and silver filters do not screw in completely to my left side earphone, they screw in without problems to the right side one, but for left one they screw in a bit and then get stuck, all other filters fit both earphones without problems.
  11. harpo1
  12. OldDude04
    When did you try to order the Icarus I? I'm asking because I remember they posted dates when all the discount codes would end, so if you just tried to order, that might be why.
  13. Intensecure
    It was stated that the codes for Icarus and Master would end, (although the code for Icarus III still works) but not the Icarus 1 and 50percent.
    The 50percent works again, but initially it was posted on the kickstarter page that both codes would be reinstated. Looks like they have "changed the decision" on the Icarus 1 code. I wonder if they will honour those pre-orders already made?
  14. darranz
    Quite sure that he is in the Uk.
    Has anyone outside UK received tracking number for the PM6 or hunter? I added tracking to PM6 after my pm4 were lost for a month in the mail, but not sure if the change it's taken in account or not.
  15. OldDude04
    Hmm, interesting. I guess I'll find out if I get an email saying they aren't sending me my Icarus I that I ordered when they first dropped the code.

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