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  1. Karendar
    I'm a little saddened that as a hunter owner, I did not get a chance at the Icarus IV at a lower price point... Was really aiming to do a side by side comparison of all three high end models of the Trinity products.
  2. Kazer
    I am using the AKG's from the S8 at work right now pending my PM6 being delivered.
    They actually sound decent - feeding them with an original Schiit Fulla.
    I hope to try the PM6 before I make a decision on the Icarus IV pre-order. Have the email but can't pull the trigger right this second.
  3. fpessolano
    Honestly it is weird as I have been VERY VOCAL and I still got the invitation. I would not say I am have been the most complaining on the forum, but still among the most ones.
    But I did not actually send them many emails to be honest. Only one two weks ago asking for shipping by a given date or refund failed that.
  4. MIBUK
    Is there any change to the status for your order on Trinity Audio to say that it's been sent? If so, what does it say? I keep looking at my order to see if anything has been sent yet, but I might be wasting my time.
  5. majo123
    Usually you will receive a tracking number by email and that is usually on the order status
    Well that's my experience in the UK,
    I have always recieved a tracking number.
  6. maxx.h
    They do not update the status of the order and there is no "shipped" email.
    If you have Standard Shipping (Royal Mail International Standard) the package just arrives. You don't know when/if it was shipped.

    My experience from 3 orders to Europe.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
    MIBUK likes this.
  7. guysmileeey
    What makes you think you don't qualify? You're a repeat customer, I can't see them turning away your money
  8. majo123
    Sorry but both times I have ordered they have updated my status and both times I have recieved an email on 2 different iems.
  9. Remiam7

    I had Standard shipping for my Vyrus 2 and Master and received an e-mail stating they had shipped with tracking numbers for both. Status on my Trinity account showed tracking numbers also. Hoping the same for my Hunter. But if it was shipped about 2-3 weeks ago per Jake's' answer to me, that probably won't me the case.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  10. OopsWrongPlanet
    Probably your "fanboy" status was revoked.


    Just kidding.
  11. Kazer
    It was more than likely offered to those who ordered PM6/Hunter before a certain date. I ordered a PM6 6/28/16 and received one. Just want to hear the PM6 before I spend more money.
  12. posnera
    I ordered an A-D, then Icarus I and III and got the email offer for IV. So it's not limited to those who ordered the higher priced models before.
  13. Sam L
    I returned my LG G6 and got the S8 mainly because I wanted to try the AKG iem's. :)

    They are pretty decent. The reviews I saw on youtube were generally lackluster, so I thought they weren't going to amount to much. Bass is actually pretty good on these, not booming, but accurate and reasonably fast. Overall detail retrieval is pretty good, though transparency could be better. My biggest complaint is the soundstage is anemic and fit as intended are not comfortable for me. Ear comfort is fine, but the cable rests completely along my face (a byproduct of how the cable relief is designed). To me, they wear comfortably up and over the ear.

    The mic is actually pretty good too. In summary, best pair of earphones to come with a phone, but nothing I would of purchased. With a retail price of $99 I'd take the 1more triples over the AKG's. The 1more's do everything better than the AKG's. The sub $100 earphones I keep in my collection and still use are: 1more triples, re400, vyrus 1 and 2, westone um1. The AKG's would almost displace the um1, but didn't.

    Mine are going to my daughter. As to value, I'd pay $40 for them happily (and still give them away, to be honest).
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  14. esm87
    @Sam L ye I really was surprised, fit is a bit crap but nothing horrendous. Bass is very nice, pretty full sounding, overall nice sounding.

    Have the icarus iii incoming plus the other IEM's I have, not sure how much use they'll get but I could sell a few and keep them as a decent backup if needs be while gaining some funds from any i sell.

    Im looking to see what the icarus iii delivers with that big dynamic and BA setup. Be interesting, actually be interesting to see when they'll be delivered, the next month or 2 I assume, if its longer then that's also fine to me.

    I do hope the insertion of icarus iii is deeper than master though
  15. Midgetguy
    You can hope, but I'm not counting on it. The overall spacial design seems similar even if the shell shape itself is different. It looks like it should sit in the ear better because it's smaller, but probably will be the same insertion depth.

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