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  1. Midgetguy
    Dual push pull dynamics with quad BA. You just lemme know where your money collection bin for this is and I'll be there [​IMG]
    RedTwilight and Neotribal like this.
  2. Bobtrinity

    Someone will get back to you on ks tomorrow when we are back in work.
  3. Brooko Contributor
    I have the Sabre with me - but won't be able to post until Friday (snowed with work from my real job at the moment).  Will try and post an update by the end of the week.  It will be sent to Alex (Twister6) next, and then on to HiSoundFi (Vince) - so look forward to some impressions from all of us.
    Bobtrinity likes this.
  4. ejong7

    Why the change to indiegogo? Just curious.
  5. Bobtrinity

    It is purely to keep the sabre and master separate from the air model. They are different propositions and found from past experience to many models in one campaign can cause some confusion.

    This way we can run 2 campaigns at the same time and have the specialist gear in one section and the more commercial gear in another. Well at least thats the thinking at the moment.
  6. alpha421
    Makes perfect business sense.  Thanks for the explanation.  And now the wait....
  7. Walderstorn
    I would prefer the Master on KS :p just cause im lazy to register an indiegogo account and its much more expensive.
  8. Bobtrinity

    In what way is it more expensive for you? Any insight is helpful
  9. Neotribal

    Also interested to know, I've never backed a project via IndieGoGo before and would like to be free of surprises :hugging:
  10. ejong7

    I'm not sure about it being more expensive (don't remember them having external fees) but the money given will be instantly taken once you committed.
  11. Kundi
    I backed the Seiun player on Indiegogo and there was no fees other than the cost to support the player.
  12. Walderstorn

    Im sorry bad English, was talking about the IEM itself, its more expensive than the last iems and since Indiegogo promptly removes the money before the funing has ending (from what i've read), it makes me uneasy tbh, not because of u, but because of indiegogo policy itself.
  13. Bobtrinity

    I was not aware of that. Well that puts it back to all on kickstarter then.

    I will double check that policy and if that is the case we will keep it all on kickstarter.
  14. glassmonkey
    IndieGoGo sucks. I've backed on IndieGoGo, but I far prefer Kickstarter. I like that the money is taken at the end on Kickstarter (more ability to change my mind/rally funds), and I would rather have the three IEMs in one campaign. Also, you can use the Atlas campaign to let people know about the Phantom campaign. If you split them between platforms you can't do that.
  15. Bobtrinity
    This is why you guys are great. This kind of info stops us makings balls ups :wink:

    Kickstarter it is all the way then. Settled.
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