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  1. archy121

    Are you in position to say whether the likes of iPhone 6 will have enough juice to drive this configuration ?
  2. GrouchoMarx1933
    Indiegogo will refund your money if you cancel your pledge before the end date of the campaign. I know that isn't as convenient as Kickstarter, where you can pledge, change, cancel, re-pledge, and change again as much as you like before the campaign ends with no penalties.
  3. Midgetguy
    From my experience, any IEM with work just fine on iPhones, the question is simply about optimal circumstances. Like will it sound better given a better DAC chip and cleaner amp power? Sure, probably will. But will it still sound pretty damn good just running off of your phone? My money's on yes. The main reason for my theory is due to Bob's pricing structure; by bringing a high-end IEM in to the much more affordable realm, the Phantom series reaches a wider audience. And at this level, it's more than likely people DON'T use a dedicated music player so if it were to require one, it completely negates the wider reached accomplished by having a more affordable price.
  4. Midgetguy
    I haven't used Indiegogo before, but it does sound like for our purposes, Kickstarter is the better platform. I know that I myself pledged for just a Delta in the original campaign, then I changed it to a Delta and Hyperion combo, then I changed it again to 2xDeltas and 2xHyperions to combine and save shipping costs with someone. I feel like the Kickstarter model offers more flexibility.
  5. GrouchoMarx1933
    I agree, Kickstarter is the superior crowdfunding platform IMO.
  6. HiFiChris Contributor
    I didn't even know that KS only takes the money when the campaign has successfully ended, as I've only used Indiegogo in the past. That's really good policy.
  7. tjw321
    KS is much better than IGG. I never back anything on IGG any more as none of the campaigns I backed on IGG has delivered anything. At least KS tries (a little bit) to make sure that the campaign is somewhat likely to deliver.
  8. Jackpot77
    I think it still depends on the firm you are backing to an extent. Backed two things on IGG and two on Kickstarter to date, and the IGG is the only one that has delivered bang on schedule so far (I've either been very shrewd or more likely very lucky picking tech horses to back - wish I was that good at picking lottery numbers!). To be fair, the kickstarters were only a few weeks off estimate, which is still excellent when you are funding this type of venture. I think if a company has a half baked idea or ropy finances/business plan then they will struggle irrespective of the platform they market themselves on. I'd certainly put Trinity in the 100% dead cert category to deliver whichever platform they choose, which is rare in the crowdfunding arena at the moment. #inbobwetrust
  9. imelofi
    On both I've experienced delays
  10. Neotribal
    Heh... Delays on Kickstarter? Does that happen? /s

    My Bragi Dash arrives Thursday, the original proposed ship date of that campaign was October 2014. I think that's a new record. (1 year + 4 months late)
  11. smial1966
    There are European backers in the Geek Pulse (Infinity, 2.0 chassis) thread still awaiting their units after first backing LH Labs in late 2013. So they've been waiting 26 months and counting... [​IMG]
    Neotribal likes this.
  12. AlterSack

    Yeah - and as far as I remember You are also amongst them [​IMG]  although I cannot beat your waiting time. I only funded in mid 2014 - so practically just last week. [​IMG] 
  13. Bobtrinity

    How you finding the dash?
  14. meringo
    Everyone has their own opinion, but the Dash is a tech demo more than anything. The current version has a hard time maintaining connections while outside, has to be REAL close to the source, and the sound is overwhelmingly meh. I hear new firmware might help with some of this stuff, but again... I feel v1 was a proof of concept more than anything. I can't believe it was delayed for so long, and still sucks.
    I'm excited to see what Trinity brings to the table with the Phantom Air. I'm sure it will trump Dash in the practical sense. 
  15. Podster
    Well Martin's Kickstarter valve amp just shipped last week and I joined the campaign 5/15/15 but 16 months is a record as far as I know!
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