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  1. Bobtrinity

    Sorry to hear your having a problem.

    Email me at enquiry@trinityaudioengineering.com and we will sort out any problem.
  2. Bobtrinity
    Hi Guy's

    Just thought you would like to know that the Phantom Master will be a 6 driver iem.
  3. Kundi
    fully erect!
  4. Podster
  5. CrispyWonton
    Can't wait to hear it [​IMG]
    There is always a place for hybrid IEMs in my stable, and I've got very high hopes for the Phantom Master ...!
  6. imelofi
    Wow .... Interesting ... 6 drivers Ina push pull set up... I'm thinking hard impact in terms of bass..
  7. Bobtrinity

    The bass will be well controlled :wink: and also tune'ble with the filter system.

    I know @Brooko will be posting early Sabre impressions and the test guys will follow up with the Master in a few weeks.
    archy121 likes this.
  8. meringo

    Sold. Take my money.
  9. Jackpot77
    Outstanding news. Any idea when the Kickstarter launch is likely to be?
  10. bruxinho
    could have been me, i guess - i mentioned a longer barrel would be a help keeping them in place during active sports.  mind you, the memory wire that's going to be available in the future has made a major difference anyway.  either way, though, it's great to have options available to help get the perfect fit, whether that be longer barrel filters, memory wire, different tips or whatever.  
  11. Bobtrinity

    It will be mid to late march when we launch.

    We may also split up the campaigns with the multi driver gear on indiegogo and the wireless Air version on kickstarter.
  12. lukito09

    will there be bluetooth cable for the phantom master??also would you say it has forward mid and wide soundstage for phantom master??
  13. Bobtrinity

    There will be that option available on the campaign.

    The Master tuning is not quite finished and i will be letting our testers give their feedback on ss so its impartial.
    ch1n4 likes this.
  14. lukito09

    Cool, also i have sent you a message on ks please reply thanks :D
  15. springbay
    Bob, just a heads up.
    I guess all head gear veterans here are all excited about them being push-pull, but head gear n00bs like me have not a clue what push-pull is all about.
    When you go public with the Kickstarter campaigns, I feel you need to explain a bit for the regular consumers (just looking for great sound), why push-pull is the bomb.
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