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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. carlmart
    Are you talking about the HQPlayer Windows version? What about the Linux version, with Ubuntu or some other, as listed on the HQPlayer specs?

    Is there a version for Windows 7? Or it will only work in Windows 10?

    In any case, I'm planning to stream my audio stuff using a Raspberry, USB output to the Topping D50, all through ethernet wire from my server, PCM or DSD

    So I wonder if I could try HQPlayer.

    Is anyone doing that?
  2. bogi
    Windows/Linux/Mac versions of HQPlayer share the same source code so the same digital filters are used.
    I'm not sure about the compatibility with Win7, one has to try it.
    With RPi you would need yet one computer (maybe you could use your usual PC or laptop) to run HQPlayer and to stream DSD data to the RPi. On RPI an optional part of HQPlayer called NAA (Network Audio Adaptor) would be running. NAA is very simple daemon listening on LAN, buffering data received and providing the same data (no additional processing) to DAC through any audio interface (for DSD content usually USB).


    Although using NAA is optional, it has more advantages:
    - it isolates the DAC from potentially very noisy computer with HQPlayer running
    I got better result with WiFi used between HQPlayer and NAA than ethernet (that's only about influence of computer noise)
    - it allows to use more NAAs from the HQPlayer computer. You can play only to one NAA at a time, but this feature can be used to create multi room environments. HQPlayer can be controlled remotely for example from Android app on your phone, so the physical placement of HQPlayer computer may be not much important. That solves also the case of not enough quiet HQPlayer computer (cooling fans).

    The HQPlayer computer has to be enough powerful to perform PCM to DSD conversion in real time. It means for example that i5 or i7 CPU performance level is required to get to DSD256.

    EDIT: I found we already discussed that in February in this thread as well as PMs.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  3. carlmart
    No intention of using another computer: just stream the original files into the RPi and process everything within it.

    Isn't that possible?
  4. bogi
    RPi is not enough powerful to run HQPlayer conversion from PCM to DSD.
    You write "stream the original files into the RPi" so you are using another computer where HQPlayer possibly could be running.
    Please read again posts where I answered your questions in February: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/topping-d50.876669/page-42
  5. carlmart
    Not another computer: a Linux server. That will also attend my Windows 7 PC.

    Will another RPi version, like the new 4 or any of the Odroids, be powerful enough to run HQPlayer conversion?

    I'm really not willing to involve Windows processing in this streaming setup. What would be a second option?.
  6. bogi
    No RPi for HQPlayer conversion. You are asking me to things I already answered you in February. That time you wrote "My PC is GA-Z97X, with Intel i7-4790K, 32GB SDRAM DDR3." That one would be OK. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/topping-d50.876669/page-42
    We are getting here quite offtopic...
  7. carlmart
    Yes, we are. Sorry.

    Will have to look at other options that HQPlayer by myself.
  8. starence
    I regret saying that the D50 sounds "better" with DSD conversion. It does sound different, but I prefer straight PCM with some music. It tends to be more fatiguing with the DSD.
  9. Baten
    That was quick hahah
  10. carlmart
    Your comment is contradictory. First you say it sounds "better" with DSD, but then you say you prefer PCM, because DSD ends up being fatiguing.

    So then DSD is not better than PCM.
  11. Vosya
    Do you distinguish different FIR-filters from your DAC? There is the same difference. Perhaps more than for built-in filters. The DSD sound is not better or worse - the sound is just different. And I like it more.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
    starence likes this.
  12. ra990
  13. starence
    The D50 seems to benefit greatly from a quality power supply. Even with the relatively inexpensive Chinese LPS I upgraded to, the background is blacker, and it seems more balanced and more resolving. It honestly sounds like a different DAC.
  14. Baten
    starence likes this.
  15. TheSnafu
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