1. Topping D50

    Topping D50

    TOPPING D50 is a high performance desktop DAC with USB, coaxial, optical input and Line Out output. D50 usees XMOS(XU208) + 2 x ES9038Q2M + 3 x OPA1612 for DAC, in addition, D50 use customized drivers (Win 7 or above) from Thesycon, all these factors makes D50 support 32bit/768kHz and DSD512...
  2. WoodyLuvr

    "Steampunk" DAC headAMP (agdr Audio Super CMoy + WesionTEK Khadas Tone Board)

    :robot::skull::scream: EDITED WITH ADDITIONAL BUILD UPGRADE INFORMATION & PICS :atom::radioactive::biohazard: My USB-Powered "Steampunk" DAC headAMP build in three (3) parts... BUILD; PART 1 (Case) The case was constructed out of two (2) reclaimed/re-purposed wooden cigar boxes; a small...
  3. junki

    Topping D50

    The Topping D50 was released recently. Product information: Notable features I personally care about: 2x ES9038Q2M, one for each channel 3x OPA1612 opamps in the output stage OLED display that auto turns off screw yeah I know there are a...
  4. NCSUZoSo

    ES9038Pro + Amanero DAC Pop/Cracks Between Tracks? Help!

    Hello all! So, I finally got my high res DAC combo running and I have confirmed that all audio codecs are working correctly. However, every time I tell foobar2000 to skip to the next track or just telling it to stop, will cause a short cracking/pop sound (never fails). So I am trying to figure...