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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. rinkaan
    hi guys, whilst taking apart the zishan DSD i scratched the screen badly.. wanted to know if anyone know what parts to buy to replace the screen?
    thanks in advance!
  2. GottMittens
    I have to say I'm not impressed with the screen cover. Even my fingernail can scratch it with no difficulty. I don't know if it's possible to polish a scratch out of soft plastic or how hard it would be, but it seems like sticking a screen protector on this thing is pretty much mandatory.
  3. bzfrank
    Car polish for matt finish usually works. Always try on a different piece of plastic first!

    I had very good results with this stuff, also for mobile phone displays and tablets:


    There is no cure for deep scratches except replacement.
  4. rinkaan
    Yeah unfortunately mine is on the screen itself (ie the lcd panel inside) so i was looking for a replacement screen to solder on.. any suggestions ?

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  5. GottMittens
    So it doesn't have any identification codes written on it that you might be able to look up? I think the listing for the player on ebay belongs to the original maker so if you contact him through there he might be able to send you one.
  6. nick n
    The screen protector
    You could grab a cheapo silicone based one somewhere local and  cut it down to size or something.
    One I have had on my old Cowon from years ago is still in place perfectly fine :p  edited my post because i just looked at mine and yeah not the best. But they are cheap.
    I've had great success with this brand  over the years.
  7. GottMittens
    The next large annoyance is that dust somehow got under the screen cover and is now sitting on the screen. It's kind of frustrating that the display is such a 1/10 when everything else is so great.
  8. noknok23
    I don't own a zishan but wouldn't be amazing to mod it with e-ink display? Say hello to longer battery life, durable screen and bye to sunlight annoyance.
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  9. bzfrank
    I am afraid that's a pipe dream. There is no way to replace a LCD with an E-ink display without (substantial) changes to the electronic circuits AND software (think 'refresh/erase').
  10. NNewman
    Does anybody knows if the amp is already on sale? Can somebody provide a link?
  11. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    It's not for sale yet, he's still revising the power chip with the one I suggested hehe, but mainly waiting on the new chassis production.
  12. NNewman
    Does anybody have compared the SQ of the Zishan with the Onkyo dp x1 or Pioneer 100r or 300r?
  13. NNewman
    this amp.
    I have bought an upgraded Zishan from another headfier a while ago... Upgrade number 5. Luckily I was able to determine and solve one of the hardware problems. The sound from LO is realky brilliant. For such a smal box its awersome. But heating and distorsion on a high volumes from the power stage were terrible. Due to the bad solderring, one of the buff634 was dead. The second one in this "sandwich" was hot like pot. With my AKG k240 Sextet, after 2 hours it WAS NOT POSSIBLE to handle it without a gloves. I have replaced one buffer. That helped. Normal heating, better sound. But... I dont like the sound of the 627 opamps here. Too hursh, not nuetral and the mids are do much forward... Must note, that the power opamps in this upgrade are NOT ROLLABLE. The sandwich of two 627's are soldered on the small board ( one on, one under). And then soldered to the maim board. So, according to my Zishan, I would not recomend a 627s ti the power stage. Looking forward to order two single discrete opapms boards on Aliexpress to try to change the power stage...
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  14. actorlife
    Hi where can I get this dsd player in th US? Is it the cheapest out there? Thanks.
  15. neog007
    eBay or aliexpress. You probably won't find it as "zishan dsd" but as "HIFI fever lossless portable music player AK4495SEQ" or something like that. Try searches like " portable player AK4495SEQ" etc as well, and check that the pics and specs match the zishan's ones. Doing this you can compare prices
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