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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. macky112

    I am confused... are we talking about a "lag" when skipping tracks or the first few second of songs actually get cutoff/missing?
  2. notamethlab
    It doesn't. It remembers what track you left on not the track position.

    If you're halfway through a song and turn it off, it'll start from the beginning when you turn it back on.
  3. notamethlab

    It isn't missing, what's most likely happening is a bug causes it to skip the first seconds of the song. Personally, it isn't a huge deal to me.
  4. Angertobi
    Thankks. Can't understand why so many players incl. A&K doesn't have this function. Turn it on and scroll till your last position is not very comfortable. Every third party app like Kaisertone or poweramp can do this.
  5. neog007
    just the track.  but the walnut does
    in that case, most of the times i usually don´t experience any lag 
  6. actorlife
    Thanks for all the responses guys. Maybe Ill wait for the 2nd gen. The only thing i dont like is the vol knob. Do you guys use it as a portable?
  7. neog007
    you have a zishan's version without volume knob , with lower specs but cheaper. It was mentioned in this thread but i don´t know where right now
  8. actorlife
    The main reason i want it for is dsd. I have no problems with what i own now just want something to give me an excuse to get something at a bargain price and try a newer format. What do you think of the dsd player i linked a couple of days ago?
  9. GottMittens

    Mine doesn't


    I think what's actually happening is that player starts playing the file too fast, before the rest of the hardware can actually begin producing any sound, because if you pause and unpause it does the same thing. If you do this fast enough you won't hear anything. If they added a small delay when starting a song it would actually allow us to hear from the very start.
  10. waynes world

    Yup, that's painful for a guy like me that oftem listens to 1 or 2 hour long trance tracks.
  11. AudioNewbi3
    Is there anwyway from preventing the Zhisan to autoplay music everytime when the device is booted?
  12. NNewman
    Mine is with the last firmware and it ALWAYS starts playing from the exact place, that was before swiching off.
    waynes world likes this.
  13. neog007
    Just received today the Koss KSC75. What a lovely low-budget combo with the Zishan 
    I don't like too much the ear plates so I'll figure out how to make them more suitable as full headphones.
    The specs are Freq resp: 15 Hz-25 kHz;  Imp: 60 Ohm;  Sensitivity: 101 dB/mW.  All of this for just 15 bucks...
    HungryPanda and nick n like this.
  14. waynes world
    Cool! Btw, you can get the parts express headband for the ksc75 (or portapro, or sportapro, or ksc35) drivers here:
  15. neog007
    wow thank you! I was thinking in that right now. The Compatible Headband is a must for these I think, and £ 3.45 is a pretty good price
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