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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Drohun
    Hi guys!
    I'm Drohun. Kind of new in this audio world, but everyone in the family intrested in the music(my father is a music teacher). So I joint to this community about 2 month ago when I got an Ibasso DX50. I like it very much as a dap, but I cant use it as an usb dac because of the huge latency... And I dont know maybe a bit boring for me after 2 months the same signature.
    This is why im here now and I hope you can help me. What do you think about DX50 vs Zhisan DSD? Yeah DX50 is a warm source, but I also can change the opa to a Muse 8920 or 8820 in the Zhisan.
    As an USB DAC do you have any latency? How about the software against Ibasso?
    I have only a Vivo XE800 (GR07 driver), VE Monk, Superlux 668B. 
    Thanks in advance.
  2. hakuzen
    hi, Drohun.
    I'm measuring 750ms (max) latency (410ms min), using default configuration in ASIO4ALL (latency compensation: 32 samples), and RMAA to measure. The signal is clean, not like the USB DAC of my DX90 (very noisy). I can't compare to DX50, because I don't own it.
    Stock Zishan uses output coupling caps, and they are not big, so you can experience some sub-bass roll-off if your phones are under 16 ohms (-1.5dB at 30Hz @ 16 ohms, not much anyway). But all the phones you have mentioned are above 50 ohms, so you won't notice any sub-bass roll-off. I think that DX50 also uses similar output coupling caps (DX90 doesn't).
    Output impedance of DX50 phones output is 2.5 ohms @ 1KHz, while Zishan is under 1 ohm (0.22 ohms @ 1KHz) like DX90.
    So Zishan will work better (less tonal alteration) than DX50 when using balanced armature phones, if you ever plan to use them.
    The software is basic, but has got main features and it is very responsive. You can select five different DAC modes, and you can use parametric EQ files (rockbox format).
    I use rockbox in my DX90, so the user interface is far more complete. Compared to stock firmware, I prefer the Zishan one (mostly because of its ability to use my rockbox parametric eq files). But iBasso provides firmware updates and it's a big brand, while you have to download Zishan firmware updates from a site in Chinese, and we don't know about its continuity.
    The ability of replacing the batteries with "standard" replaceable batteries easily, is a very good advantage of DX50/DX90.
    Like you say, you can roll low pass filter op-amp easily in Zishan, to get slight sound differences. I've tried stock LME49720NA and Muses similar to 8820, and enjoy them both.
    The higher power of Zishan (3.7Vrms vs 2.4Vrms of DX50, @ >64 ohms), allows you to feed harder to drive phones, if you plan to use them.
    So both have their advantages, and that's why I use Zishan as USB DAC and when using harder phones, and DX90 as portable.
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  3. Drohun
    Thank you for the long answer. Appriciate it man!
    I will never use EQ because of the loss of the dynamics (as I know). If something not good for my taste or source just sell it. Actually I could sell my DX50 at the same price as a Zhisan would cast. Yeah Im planing some BAs, but budget ones firstly around 100dollar.
    But yeah...unknown brand saidly...and if its not working well for me maybe I dont will be abel to sell it at the same price as I bought.
  4. weedophile

    Just wanted to share my DIY for the screen protector for the Zishan! Bought a generic screen protector from Daiso japan which cost $2 local currency and just used a scissor to cut out the length and a nail clipper to smooth the edges :D
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  5. griff06
    Would anyone consider this over the Fiio x5iii?

    See i could buy this, or, save up for the Fiio x5iii. The Fiio seems to be a complete package to me and i know i would be content with that device. But my main priorities are for SQ. I am not particularly fussed about streaming capabilities (i do have a spotify account with many playlists so it would be a bonus), but i am more than happy jjust to use a folder of artists and playlists as well.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/comparisons on this?

    Many thanks
  6. NNewman
    Considering SQ Zishan upgrade 5 to Onkyo dp x1 I would chose Onkyo. But I'm sure that Zishan upgrade 11 would be better in SQ then X1. Don't forget that Zishan with upgrade has much much more power then any Fiio dap.
  7. griff06
    Thanks for reply,

    Just wished i could understand what the hell i was reading on Taobao to be able to order an upgrade 11!
  8. NNewman
    Just order on ebay.com !
  9. AudioNewbi3
    Hey guys, anyone here using Windows 10 and the Zhisan DSD as a USB Dac?

    I just cant seem to get the Zhisan to work. I pluged it in and the Zhisan showed it's dac interface with adjustable volume but there is no sound coming through my earphone when I am playing music on my comp via VLC, Opera, or IE.
  10. neog007
    did you set the zishan as your preferred device? (in playback devices)
  11. AudioNewbi3
    aH! I'll try to use the Zhisan again!

    Thnaks for the screenshot mate! Really appreciate it!
  12. neog007
    good! i hope it heps
  13. NNewman
    Whats new in the new "G" firmware?
  14. weedophile
    1. Fixed minor bugs for exfat format
  15. weedophile
    Just wondering if anyone tried using the 0.4G firmware? I find the Zishan to be more sluggish than the previous version. Anyone feel the same?

    Edit: I flashed back to 0.4F and its snappy again! But would definitely love if someone can confirm this too :D
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