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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. neog007
    Not mine with the G firmware it's fast as before. I don't know but I thing the reason for this firmware upgrade is to reduce the random glitch but not sure 
  2. weedophile
    neog007 hmm i shall try to reflash it again tho the half day i spent with the new firmware i didnt noticed anything different lol
  3. weedophile
    I reflashed it again and its snappy now! Dont know what happened the first time round though
  4. neog007
    I have my zishan's card in fat32 I'm in the habit in that way and I don't thing I will reformat it to exfat anyway
  5. Origen Ru
    Hello, Currently my portable player is the Xduoo x3 which unfortunately sounds frightfully wrong, the treble are exaggeratedly high, almost no midrange frequencies, can not be equalized, I am currently looking to buy a player, I do not care about its appearance or its Size, I look for something that sounds very very well, I recommend the player Zishan ?, if you tell me that yes, I also think to buy the improvement OPA MUSES 02, thank you very much you explain to me in writing how to correctly install the OPA MUSES 02, Thank you .. By the way my headphones are the Alessandro MS2e by Grado Labs
  6. Origen Ru
  7. Origen Ru
    If I buy it, will you help me to send the download link from the hardwere and give me instructions on how to install it to make the player work?
  8. neog007
    I´m a big fan of the zishan dsd player as you can suppose, but I own an xDuoo x3 as well, and it is quite good if rockboxed. Did you try Rockbox on your xDuoo? If not, I recommend you to give it a chance before any purchase, and see if the sound improves to you. You can find a dedicated thread at head-fi about it
    Last edited: May 7, 2017
  9. Origen Ru
  10. Origen Ru
    Already download the files, format the micro sd in fat 32, try to copy and paste the files in the micro sd memory, I went to settings and try to update, it tells me that there is no update file,
    could you help me please
  11. Origen Ru

    Could you please pass the image of the correctly copied files to start the update please.
  12. neog007
    sure but please ask your specific questions about it in the proper forum:
  13. Origen Ru
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I did not get the update, you would help me a lot if you showed me a copy of the page as it should be stored in the micro SD memory of the files in order to correctly run the update
  14. Origen Ru
    I definitely do not know English, I had to help a friend who understands English, I speak Spanish, I already manage to do the update, I thank you very much for your attention, if I do not ask you, I do not know that you can equalize my Xduoo x3,
    Now I have to listen and go gradually equalize it to make your sound as perfect and natural as possible.
    Anyway I will order the DSD player zishan and the OPA muses 02.
    Thank you very much
  15. neog007
    excuse the answer delay I'm glad you finally did it! and welcome to the zishan thread as a future owner of this awesome player. I think you'll like it and please don't forget to post your thoughts here
    Origen Ru likes this.
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