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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. actorlife

    Thanks alot. Is this the newest one? I see them on ebay for about $138 not too bad. Any full review done? Rockbox needed. You an see my daps in my sig.
  2. notamethlab
    No full review but, there are impressions in this thread. As for rockbox, it isn't supported, not that the player needs it though. Are you aware of some of the issues with the player?
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  3. neog007
    as far as i know the zishan with the AK4495SEQ is the newest one. not sure if there´s any formal review there but reading this thread you can have a pretty clear idea of its pros-cons etc. sorry no rockbox available for this player
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  4. actorlife
    Oh no issues already. What are the pros and cons so far?
  5. actorlife

    I guess the iu is good then. Just been skimming the pages here thus far. I see the 15v is need for better sq though.
  6. actorlife
    Anyone seen this thread? http://www.head-fi.org/t/832069/xuelin-ihifi780
  7. hakuzen

    its ui is good enough, responsive and main basic features covered, and so is the usb dac.
    you can use rockbox format eq files, nice feature.
    forget about getting better sq with the 15v upgrade. you get only more power, point. the stock zishan voltage power supply is 0/9V, and the circuit is designed for that supply voltage.
    the maker of the upgrades converts it into symmetric supply voltage which is very good; -4.5/+4.5V or -5/+5V would be nice and easier to achieve (fewer modifications); but he converts it to -9/+9V, so further modifications are required: opamps replaced (LPF and gain), resistors, caps and other components also modified/improved.
    the extra power supply upgrade (to -12/+12V or -15/+15V) should only be taken if you need the extra power to drive hard phones (high impedance and/or low sensitivity).
    more modifications required, the more risk of new design or execution flaws. in fact, the maker of the upgrades has already made errors in some units.
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  8. notamethlab
    The major bug is that about 1-2 seconds of the song is skipped. Another issue is that the player may sometimes hang when playing a song if it can't get the album art, this can be fixed by removing the art though.
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  9. GottMittens

    It's like 0.5 seconds but definitely annoying on a lot of songs. It's weird because the player is actually very fast and responsive to the point where it stands out so it must be a bug rather than a limitation. I wonder why they haven't gotten to this one since they have released some updates.
  10. neog007
    0,5 seconds it's like nothing compared with a rockboxed xDuoo x3 that is about 3-4 sec that's exasperating
  11. waynes world

    I listen to the rockboxed x3 all of the time and I don't understand what you are saying.
  12. neog007
    we´re talking about the waiting time when skipping songs...
  13. Angertobi

    Does the zishan remember the track position,after Off and On. ?
    important for long dj sets.
  14. waynes world
    Got it - thanks.
  15. NNewman
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