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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. miriddin
    Thanks, but i already knew the line out function: i just tried to connect my 600 ohm DT880 to line out to establsh if the "missing left channel problem" was still there also with line out...
  2. neog007
    The LO will be less powered than the PO and even more if you tested it with 600 ohm phones. That´s normally expected, nothing wrong as hakuzen said.
    I think in the bzfrank approach, take a look at his posts. inspecting the board searching for possible bad-cold soldering could be the solution.
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  3. hakuzen
    my upgraded zishan (upgrade #5 + 15Vpower supply upgrade) has very nice advantages from stock zishan:
    - no output coupling caps: no sub-bass roll-off when using low impedance (<=16ohms).
    - gain opamp rollable. better opamps.
    - lot of power (6.11 Vrms @ 64ohms, distorsion <1%, remarkable for a battery powered dap/dac/amp)
    the sound is identical (when using same opamps), except there is some more noise and distortion when delivering high power (this is normal).
    i'll keep the stock zishan, where will probably upgrade the coupling caps to minimize the bass roll-off, but i'm selling the upgraded one, because i don't need such power (i don't own so demanding phones, nor plan to get ones). it's working flawlessly, no qc issues at all. PM me if interested.
  4. neog007
    OK , there´s an upgraded Zishan for sale!    I´d buy your upgraded zishan if I haven´t mine yet, what an exceptional piece of hardware at such a price it´s quite unbelievable.
    Of course there´re differences in sound compared with the stock zishan, even with non-high-demanding cans, but they´re slight, as it´d be -because the stock zishan is already a great player-, and now I have the opportunity to change the gain oamp too to make it even better. This is gonna take me a while..
    Another thing I noticed is a shorter battery life -as expected-, but just a little bit.
    The upgrade work it´s also quite good for the price. Let´s see some pics:
    2017-02-0302.04.06.jpg    2017-02-0302.15.17.jpg    DSC00076.jpg DSC00077.jpg    DSC00081.jpg    DSC00086.jpg
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  5. hakuzen
    thank you for the pics and opinion! yes, battery lasts shorter than stock zishan, and also gets hotter, due to higher power
  6. neog007
    yeap that´s truth, it appears to have a class a inside like the d200, it gets almost as warm as the a1 mini if you keep it in your pocket! [​IMG] 
  7. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Zishan is not Class A like the D200 and A1, with the Zishan you also actually have the choice of upgrading to 12v instead of 15v (from stock 9v), if you wan't less side effects. D200+ comes stock at 12.5v, the designer said it is easy to change it to 15v yourself (unlike zishan all is that is needed is just adjustment of one resistor to set the power chip), but he says he chose 12.5v for a more well rounded package (not too much heat etc).
  8. neog007
    Of course it's not I've been sarcastic I like 15v it's really energetic and it really doesn't have too much "side" effects it's very ok but it's good to have various upgrade choices no doubt 
  9. macky112
    Is there a definite SQ upgrade from stock Zishan to the gold d200?
  10. neog007
    That´s a better question for T.R.A.N.C.E. the only one -I think- who has the d200 here. Anyway, you have some information about that in earlier posts.
    btw I covered the player with some vinyl. It also adds some kind of protection but not against big scratches and scuffs as the "official" PU leather cover of course.
    here is the result, not too bad I think... 
  11. GottMittens
    Hey guys,

    Just ordered one of these from the taobao store. I hope I did everything correctly at least. Pretty glad I found out about this thing, I kind of wanted a Fiio x3-ii for a while but I found it hard to get excited about it. This thing does all the stuff I wanted like a line out and DAC capability and seems way cooler. I've been using a super cheap ruizu player for a bit over a year.
  12. neog007
    Hey welcome to this corner!
    Being from a ruizu you will be amazed with this little device and even compared with the fiio probably -anf Ive a lot of respect for fiio I must say-
    Don't forget to post when it arrives !
  13. lovehikki
  14. bzfrank
    Changelog for 0.4f anyone?
  15. weedophile
    My chi chong is not the best, but here:
    Changelog 0.4F

    Fixed partial DTS distortions
    Changed logic for shuffle mode
    Added extended hold option when switching on player (pretty good imo)
    Added support for .jpg format for album display (not entirely sure)
    And more.....
    What need to be done

    Now playing display (to allow text scrolling)
    To add AAC format support

    And more.....
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