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Dec 3, 2016
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Favourite tagged with *
    New tagged with ?
    Bad/dont like tagged with x

    CCA C10*** - Slight V-shaped, better than average isolation. Good
    Hifi Walker A1 (Modded)** - Could do with a bit more bass but very nice, detailed sound. Might still be too bright for some after modding
    KZ AS10 - Good with KZ silver cables. Bad with stock. Worse with KZ silver copper cables. Bass bleeds to mids.
    KZ ED9* - Would bee better if i can change the tips, otherwise very nice, engaging signature
    KZ EDR1 - TREBLE CANNON! Just add some foams under the mesh and its bearable. The open back does give a lot of stage
    KZ ZSN Pro x - TREBLE CANNON 2! No
    MEMT X5 x - Nothing special except the magnet
    NiceHCK EP10* - The material is smoooth! Very warm sound signature and lack abit of details
    NiceHCK P3 x - Just no
    QKZ W1 Pro - Balanced, comfortable. I like
    Seahf AWK-09 x - No, spend ur money elsewhere. I might have a defective unit
    Senfer 4 in 1 - Crisp highs, clear sounding
    Senfer DT6** - Initial impression is AWESOME
    Senzer SE610 x - Horrible, just dont
    Sony MH755**** - Price to performance ratio is insane. If u can get ur hands on one, get it. Even more details if foam is removed under mesh
    Tennmak Piano - Comfortable, nice V shaped with plentiful bass
    Tennmak Pro* - Darkish but very enjoyable signature
    TRN IM1 - Very V shaped with good details. Pretty engaging
    TRN V20 - Very hard to fit but capable sound quality
    UiiSii CM5 - Balanced sound but nothing special
    UiiSii Hi-905 x - Expected more from the price. Was disappointed
    UiiSii HM7 x - Loved it initially, but for the price i will just top up a bit to get better options

    Awei ES10 (Modded)*
    K's 150 x
    K's 64 x
    Philips SHE3800 (Modded)*
    Qian39 (Modded)
    Senfer PT15***** - Awesome sounding bud that's my favourite in this list
    Sony MDR 808+ (Modded)**
    TY Hi-Z 32 L plug
    Vido (Modded)
    Yinman 150**

    ISK HP2011
    Koss KSC75****

    KZ ATE
    KZ ATR
    KZ ZS3
    KZ ZSR
    KZ ZST
    Senzer H1
    Tin Audio T2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Sabaj Da3 (Desktop DAC)
    Xduoo XQ-10
    Topping NX1S (Incoming)
    Source Inventory:
    Benjie S5*
    Benjie X6**
    Creative Zen Stone 1GB
    Sansa Fuze 4gb - Had it for 8 years until it is a bit defective
    Walnut V2
    Xduoo X3***
    Ziku X9**
    Zishan DSD**
    Zishan Z1* (Doubled as desktop DAC)


    Current favourites:
    Commute combo: CCA C10 + Benjie X6 + Xduoo XQ-10
    Home combo: KZ AS10 + Sabaj Da3
    Office combo: Sony MH755 + Zishan Z1
    Other favourites: Hifiwalker A1, Yinman 150, TRN IM1, Koss KSC75, KZ ED9, Senfer PT15, Senfer DT6, Zishan DSD, Xduoo X3, Ziku X9
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