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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Sound Eq
    need some help
    what is the highest package to buy and hopefully it will be from aliexpress as the other site is simply difficult to use
    my preferred sound signature, is that it will have good solid bass, with being a full bodied and good layering and sound stage
    I am really wondering how that dap will sound like 
  2. neog007
    Hi and welcome to this corner.
    There's no highest package but different ones with different sound signature each. You will find useful information about in previous pages.
    About the sound it's really great -and a little bit fatiguing yes-. I received today a stock zishan I sent 2 months ago to be upgraded. During this time I was using the xduoo x3 mainly and man the difference it's quite noticeable . It's now when I realised how much I missed the zishan's sound 
  3. weedophile
    After reading what neog007 wrote, i can understand why after using the Walnut exclusively for a period of time while letting the Zishan take a long break.

    The past 2 days i plug into the Zishan as i was so pissed it always gets switched on when i put in my backpack and by the time i realise it, the battery is already halfway gone. And boy i must say i have been missing out on some seriously clear sound, not that Walnut's sound is veiled just that this does it better. This drives abt all the earphones that i own easily and there is no compatibility issues with any IEMs i have compared to the Walnut. I still love the Walnut but the Zishan will be getting alot more play time after these 2 days.
  4. neog007
    Well the walnut is what it is and it isn't meant to compete with the zishan but is more a complementary player I think great for mods excellent battery life and acting as an amp. I think at its price there's nothing like it really
  5. miriddin
    I received today my ZIshan DSD but after a few minutes i lost audio from the left channel!
    Any possible solution before asking for assistance?
    if i partially remove the plug from the connector i get back the left channel and i lost the right one, so i suppose that it can be a connector problem...
    Thanks for your help!
  6. neog007
    well there´s a guy a few posts earlier that had pretty much the same issue and the solution was to change the earphones you can read it... you can try... if there´s no luck it appears to be the connector problem you said easily repaired by any technician mobile phone repair etc etc.
    Did you like the zishan those few minutes ? I hope so!
  7. miriddin

    I already tried several headphones/IEM and i had the same problem.
    On a second tought, it seems to me that i have adifferent problem: i tried again afew minutes ago and i had no problem at all for at least three minutes then the left channel disappeared again! Can it be an heating related problem?
    That's a pity as i was really enjoying the DAP with my Pinnacle P1!
  8. neog007
    mm strange as hell it could be a hundred things but I don´t think in a temperature issue really. Did you try the line and coaxial output? Do they behave the same?
  9. macky112
    oh man, i was debating if I want to get a 2nd Walnut or Zishan DSD, and this post is pushing me to the Zishan, haha
  10. weedophile
    macky112 the Walnut is of great value, no doubt abt it. But i dont think both of it are comparable due to Zishan having an UI and better source file compatibility.

    That said the post ^ by miri states QC issues. Its a risk and Zishan being 4 times (or now 3+) the cost of the Walnut, its a higher risk that you have to take lol!
  11. neog007
    It is clear that the walnut is so simple that it could be pretty difficult to find some issues even without any QC at all... The zishan is another history, 2 separate boards, lots of components, very complex in comparison. But the good news is that, until now, every one of the few owners with some kind of issue could apply the warranty and/or solve the problem. 
    btw my upgraded zishan  (power+board) sounds pretty damn good with the muses02. Even with any burning yet, the sound is more refined, less metallic than before, it drives better high impedances earbuds, even at insanely high power is not really noticeable general distortion, the bass can be raised a little bit more than before without distortion. These are early impressions, I´ve just received it today.
    IMG_20170203_0347102.jpg      IMG_20170203_0348232.jpg      IMG_20170203_020502.jpg
    AudioNewbi3 and hakuzen like this.
  12. nick n
    Yes the power and moreso the way it handles the notes with complete control is impressive, could not ask for more in that regard.
    I had been curious  about that vs the stock sound. I have never heard the stock unit only the upgraded power board.
    Thanks for the early impressions.
    Still waiting on the opamp to slightly tone things back on the top a tiny tiny bit, but lately it seems to be mellowing out a bit more. Either that or I can't recall which headphones I normally use, just too many in rotation.
    But one that usually exhibits a bit to top end bite ( not bad ) seems a bit better sounding now and had been using that quite a bit lately with the Zishan.
    Ortho goodness!
  13. bzfrank
    I think it's a cold solder joint - been there, seen that.

    Saying this... My own Zishan works really well since my repair.
  14. miriddin

    I tried the line out and, with headphones directly connected, no problems at all: i just noticed that the output volume of line out is very low, but this can be normal, perhaps...
  15. hakuzen

    don't use line out for connecting headphones. line out has an output impedance of 450 ohms in zishan, not suitable for phones; it's intended for connecting other devices, like amplifiers, which have way higher input impedance than phones.
    line out power is about 0.14 Vrms when zishan is set to normal mode; if you set "turbo" (high gain) mode, line out gives you 1.8 Vrms, which is normal.
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