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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. macky112
    Hmm... does that mean the 560 Zishan does not have turbo/high gain mode?
  2. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    No it rather means the 560 Zishan is always in turbo mode and does not have a low gain option. Not a big deal, as the low gain option doesn't sound as good as the high gain anyway.
  3. noknok23
    Guys, how is the quality control of the zishan? I don't have the tools nor the skills to do diy repair... Is it significant upgrade over walnut in terms of sq? I'm only using high impedance earbuds. Nothing more at the moment.thank you very much for your help.
  4. NotKunvinced
    I'm interested to know the same thing.
  5. notamethlab
    Iirc out of all the people that got a zishan here 2 had problems with it. So given that, their QC isn't perfect but, they did get their money back. If you are unsure about AlieExpress I'd suggest eBay, you're protected by both PayPal and eBay and customer support is fluent in English as opposed to AliExpress.
  6. NotKunvinced
    Thank you, that makes sense.
    And is it a significant upgrade soundwise over the Walnut V2 do you know?
  7. neog007
    The most reliable is the walnut because the hardware, compared with the zishan -and with almost any other player really-, is so simple that the chances to have a failure decrease.
    Both have a similar sound signature but the zishan is a bit more refined/detailed, no noise floor, no roll-off, and you can eq the sound. Said that I think most of the walnut owners have, at least, another player besides it, so as you can imagine a screenless player is not meant to be your main/only one -despite that, at the end, you will probably use it way more than others don´t have any doubt- . But what you get for the price of the walnut is the closest sound to the 5x expensive zishan.
  8. NotKunvinced

    No noise floor, no roll off, EQ, a useable UI and a similar sound signature to the Walnut you say? Sounds very close to what I'm ideally looking for........ Thank you neog007!!!
  9. notamethlab
    hmm I would say that the Zishan is a more mature Walnut, it takes the best ceature sound wise and further improves on them.

    And if you get tired of the sound you can EQ to your liking or roll the OP amps.
  10. NotKunvinced

    I think I'll have to get one.......
  11. AudioNewbi3
    Just waned to give a quick update on my Zhisan 560 LO problem.

    Turns out, it was my Fiio interconnect being too stiff and hence, when I plug the Fiio IC into the Zhisan then into my Amp, the stiffness of the cable caused the 90 degree audio jack to sway to a particular side, thereby looseing the contact of the jack on the Zhisan.
    After completing my DIY ultrashort and soft IC, the problem went away, and just to make sure, Zhisan also told me to plug an earphone into the LO jack and test for connectivity issue (which I found none, using a straight plug).

  12. neog007
    good to know!
    I notice you are using a cheap portable amp BPH-U1 TPA6120, how does it perform?
  13. AudioNewbi3
    Wooo never knew anyone around here who knows this amp.

    Simply put, the amp has a lot of power (perhaps being a TPA6120 based amp?) able to driver my high impedance bud with no problems and even the beyer dyanamic 250ohms (forgotten the model which I demoed)

    In a sense, the amp is extremely clean sounding and adds little to no coloration. I have not spend much time with the stock opamp, forgotten the model, but I am runnning the OPA627AU in it and it provides a very detail sound. To me at least.
  14. neog007
    well i don´t know it either but is a classic it always appears in my aliexpress searches 
    so you prefer the sound of that amp better than your zishan -phone output-
  15. AudioNewbi3
    As I have mentioned before in this thread, I mainly use my DAPs with external amp because I just like the feel of having a physical (quality) volume knob to use.
    And the fact that I also use high impedance earnud. I have yetto extensively use the Zhisan's PO so I cannot answer your question I am afraid. Sorry 
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