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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. NotKunvinced
  2. AudioNewbi3
    Thanks for the info. I also have an OPA 2107 around, guess I will try both and see which ones are better.

    Sad case for me though, just found out the LO port of my Zhisan 560 is somewhat faulty.

    If the LO cable is moved or disturbed with some force, the music to the amp would sound "shallow" like the L and R channels are not making good contact......so I have to make a DIY cable wich is soft in nature to stop the problem from occuring......

    Anyone experiencing the same problem?

    Or should I just replace the LO jack by myself?
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I would try some Deoxit on your LO cable jacks. Is the gold/silver plating on the LO cable plugs in good condition? some plugs are plated so thin that they don't contact some socket types properly. I had some Oyaide plugs that were useless, wouldn't contact properly in half of my stuff.
  4. macky112

    Could you give an idea on how AK4495S compare to AK4490 and AK4497? Is 4495S in the middle or closer to one or the other?
  5. macky112
    As I am still considering the damage that purchasing a Zishan would do to my wallet, I wouldn't call Zishan "budget" in the ksc75 sense. Lol
  6. macky112


    I received both 2 days ago. And did the same switch and have to agree. Btw, porta pro sounds good with the ear hooks, reduced some mid bass boominess
  7. weedophile
    Hi guys, wondering if anyone is facing channel imbalance problem.
    The sound sig of this player is abit dark imo and the sound is abit distant but with the "turbo" mode on, the sound sig just became more 'in my face' and warm and i kinda prefer it. But the thing is at low levels the right side is softer and when it balances out it is too loud for me. Am looking at getting an amp to solve the problem but idk if its worth it as the mini A1 amp also has channel imbalance problem when i search in this thread.
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  8. neog007
    Still stuck waiting for my upgrade zishan, I expected it next week. being curious how the upgrade modifications affect the sound compared with the stock zishan -especially the reduction of the metallic sound, but this have to wait after a huge amount burning hours I guess-  and a little bit worried if some background noise is perceived as it was mentioned here before.
  9. neog007
    I don't know why I assume everybody here has the porta pro [​IMG][​IMG]  For an unknown -at least to me- reason these Koss matches very well with high-powered players like the  zishan or walnut
    Summarizing, if I understood well the kpp are ok but a little bit bassy, and by buying some aftermarket ebay cheap ear hooks can reduce the problem I guess. And the ksc75 are more balanced but if I want a little bit more bass on these they´d need some mods I guess. So both are really a good cheap excellent tandem. I´m quite happy thit the kpp but I think I´m gonna search for a good pair of ksc75 right now to give a try
  10. neog007
    It happened to me with the phone out of the xDuoo x3. It appears to be a typical week-bad soldering issue easily solved by yourself ONLY if you have some soldering knowledge. if not, the reparation should be doing by a technician or send the zishan back to apply the warranty -expect a long time to get it back in this case(at least 2 months average)- 
  11. neog007
    I didn´t experience channel imbalance with the zishan. The same with the a1 mini so I can´t really tell you.
    And that´s right, the turbo mode adds so much power that you can feel the music in your face I really liked it and I find myself using that mode even with sensitive iems -very carefully due to the sensitivity of the volume knob- 
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  12. nick n
    yes please see if you can compare modded vs stock.
    I get no noise at all, and so far there are no quality control issues at all with the upgraded 15v one ( stock version other than that ).
    Opamp is on the way to tone off the top a bit.
    Not checked or logged battery life  but next time I leave it running off a full charge ( 4th time as I type ) I will  let it run down and check to see how long the battery charge lasts.
    It'll be a rough estimate anyhow  volume and load might change that quite a bit.
    Yes the turbo mode is waaaay beyond crazy amounts of power.
    Did you get the power upgrade or a different mainboard? or both?
  13. Frederick Wang
    "budget" is a word subject to relativity... compared to mainstream daps, zishan is a budget player, compared to walnut it isnt. But in terms of SQ, the Zishan+ksc75 combo is unbelievably budget IMHO.

    sorry I'm on my cellphone, quote doesn't seem to work
  14. AudioNewbi3
    Hmm, guess there is some difference in the firmware or build of the 560 vs 690 Zhisan. Thanks for the pics mate!
    I'll try to find something similar at my local electronics part store. Basically, it is a form of contact cleaner correct?
    I have soldering knowledge and experience, but when I busted open the PCB of the Zhisan and tried to move the LO port with my hand, it seems bloody solid, leaving me with the conclusion of a bad female jack rather than weak soldering.

    How should the issue be rectified?
    So I just dab on more solder?
  15. neog007
    I ordered both upgrades I don´t expect any background noise, if I get some I will replace the oamp for the muses02 anyway so if there´s still some noise with this.. we have a problem.. well we´ll see.
     I should expect a huge amount of power -and that´s the way I like it- and a probably shorter battery life.. please post your measurements when you have them -I remember the stock zishan to run about 8-10h.-
    I may think that doesn´t mean it´s a good soldering, the PO of myxDuoo x3 appeared to be strongly stuck to the board but I reinforce the soldering anyway and problem solved so it wasn't the female jack in this case maybe you can try this 1st to see what happens
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