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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    D200+ and Zishan are separate companies and different engineers, different UI, different digital processing. D200+ does not have usb dac or eq. D200+ is charged by usb. The switches on bottom were only on the old version, D200+ only has one switch on the bottom for changing between single ended and balanced. I have ordered 4497 D200+ and will receive it in a couple weeks. Also 4497 is very different to 4490, very different classes of dac, ak4490 is entry level audiophile dac like wm8740,cs4398, es9018k2m, while ak4497 is flagship level like es9038pro.
  2. Frederick Wang
    I reordered zishan player (stock) from the original maker, it just came in, I must say it pairs up beatifully with koss ksc75, just wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend the combination for a budget setup.
  3. AudioNewbi3
    did yours also come with 0.4e stock firmware?
  4. Frederick Wang
  5. AudioNewbi3
    Is the turbo mode gone on yours too?
  6. SimoF
    Thanks again; when you'll want to get rid of your Zishan just pm me :wink:
  7. neog007
    it makes no sense to remove the turbo mode in the zishan -at least in the normal zishan 699 (4495seq)-. If the Zishan maker thinks the Turbo mode was somewhat a "gimmick" he´d better re-measure the gain levels of each mode in a new firmware instead to remove one of them I think
  8. neog007
    are the  koss ksc75 better sounding than the koss porta pro in your opinion?
  9. AudioNewbi3
    Sir @T.R.A.N.C.E. do you know if I can switch the LPF of the Zhisan to the following opamps?

    OPA627AU (Converted to Dual Channel)
    OPA 2604
    OPA 2350
    AD 8616
    AD 8606
  10. Bellyworshipper
    Thank you very much @T.R.A.N.C.E. for your answer! I guess I just need to wait until you get your D200+ to learn about the DAP more. Wish you get it soon and share your impressions:)
  11. Frederick Wang
    Not on my 699 version

    Don't own porta pro
    It's interesting ksc75 doesn't sound phenomenal on Breeze SU1 > Stepdance, but with Zishan I just don't want to take them off.
  12. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    Personal preference. Portapro is darker sounding, ksc75 is brighter. I prefer the ksc75 drivers as they are more detailed (titanium plated) but are less bassy, but I dislike the ear hooks, so I put the ksc75 drivers on the portapro headband (just take of the ear hooks and it just snaps in to portapro headband after you snap out the portapro driver assembly). This also increases the bass of the ksc75 drivers due to the tighter clamp of portapro headband. Sounds so good.
  13. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    The first two are fine, good audio opamps. But the last three aren't suitable. OPA2350 is CMOS type opamp, they don't sound great for audio, and 5v is the max voltage, same for AD8616 and AD8606, so all three will blow up in zishan and walnut. There is many well documented audio opamps, so why are you looking at these strange opamps?
  14. AudioNewbi3
    Mah, I just had those OpAmps lying around in my inventory from parts of other portaple amps, so I was curious about swapping them into the Zhisan.

    But anyways, once again, I thank-you very much for the valuable information provided! I really appreciate it!
  15. bzfrank
    OPA627 sounds nice in the Zishan. I still prefer the OPA2107 however as it tends to tame the slightly metallic sharpness of the Zishan better.
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