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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. neog007
    update   0.4F :

    1. Fixed some DTS distortion problems
    2. Revise the shuffle algorithm
    3. Increase the option delay boot
    4. Cover page display to increase the analysis cover.jpg file
    and many more
    Also need to do:
    1. Play the interface long text scroll
    2. Increase the AAC format support
    and many more
    - slow boot: 5 sec. pressing the middle button to boot the player.
    - I didn´t know it has 2 shuffle modes: all shuffle and folder shuffle. Interesting.
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  2. GottMittens
    Is the shipping from taobao relatively quick? Specifically to Australia? It already got sent to a warehouse and then I had to pay 65 yuan for shipping which isn't amazingly cheap or anything. it's more than epacket shipping was for a Walnut on ali express which I have now also ordered heh heh. I dunno, these things have a romantic appeal to them. Don't want to miss out.
  3. NNewman
    Hello. Thinking of buying this DAP with the 12v and 11th upgrade. Hope it will replace my mojo. Does anybody have comoared them already? I have an hd800, will it be enoutg a 12v, or better take 15v. A allso use akg k612 very often, will the side affect on 15v be really noticable on 120 ohm phones? Still there is a dilema: zishan or d200+ with ak4497 on board. But the price difference with delivery to Eurooe is huge: 470 usd for the AK4497. And I am not sure how to ask on TaoBao for the pissible caps, power supply and OPamps upgrade? Any help is welcome.
  4. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Obviously D200+ AK4497 will be much better than upgraded Zishan, but it also costs more, D200+ is easily worth the extra over Zishan, but the Zishan is also great value, you are getting your monies worth for both daps and both punch above their price points, so it just comes down to how much you want to spend and what features you need. If you get Zishan I would get the 15v upgrade for those headphones, and package 11 is also a good choice.
  5. NNewman
    Thanks. Usefull answer. Regarding the d200, do you know the seller, that can make an upgrade? And on the picture i saw a swich on the bottom. Is it a swich between balanced and unbalanced headphone output?
  6. NNewman
    Does anybody can try if Zishan can work with Tidal master MQA as an external dac?
  7. AudioNewbi3
    Wondering what is the purpose of the slow boot.

    Preventing accidental booting when stored inside backpack?
  8. hakuzen
    relative to noise in zishan, this is what i got with rmaa (and my poor adc, limited to -8XdB) from iBasso DX90, stock Zishan in normal and turbo mode, and upgraded Zishan (+/-12V) in both modes as well:
    Noise level (dBA)
    so if you get noise with upgraded zishan, the reason is a QC issue in your unit.
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  9. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    There is no upgrade for D200+ because there is no need! Do not need 15v, because stock 12.5v in balanced will still be more powerful with better sound quality, and the capacitors are already the best available (Silmic II and D-case Tantalum), and the LPF opamps (Muses8920) don't need changing as they are excellent, the voltage gain opamps (OPA2134)  are in socket so you can change them yourself if you would like, and yes the switch toggles between balanced and single ended.
  10. NNewman
    Thanks. On the board I have found after two opa2604 only one jrc2114... That means that the balanced output is only "pseudo" balanced?

    Mfg, Maksim.
  11. neog007
    yes well I guess so I have it deactivated anyway
  12. Bellyworshipper
    Hello, T.R.A.N.C.E) Have you got your D200+ already?
  13. GottMittens
    Just had this delivered today. Kind of horrified me when I picked it up because the metal buttons rattle a little and I thought something was loose inside. Overall it looks and feels even nicer in person than I thought it would. I really like the volume knob as well but the thing gets so loud I'm worried it will one day turn up accidentally in my pocket and vaporise my brain. It also came with a 16gb flash card completely filled with Chinese music. Glad I was able to blunder my way through Taobao and save a bit of money and the delivery speed was quite quick.
  14. NNewman
    Just want to answer my own question.:) YES it works with Tidal Master MQA as an external DAC.
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  15. GottMittens
    So far I've mainly been listening with my AT m40x but also my Shure SE215, I've had mixed experiences with them in the past but with this player they sound pretty great. You wouldn't think they would be so picky considering their mainstream popularity, but they are. m40x is way more forgiving.
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