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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    If you are using Mistertao they will both translate the page automatically for you and answer your questions to make sure you're getting the thing you want. I haven't got my first order yet in the mail (according to tracking should be soon) but they were extremely helpful and made sure I was ordering what I wanted. Besides unless you are in asia, which seems doubtful [​IMG] you will probably need to use a forwarding service like mistertao to get it sent out west.
  2. weedophile
    Thanks alot! I shall go and decipher what in the world they are offering :wink:
  3. vapman
    Definitely post about it if you figure something out because I am not set on this or the XDUOO X10 yet. Still deciding. But I like the look of the Zishan with metal buttons.
    The only thing I know I want more than the metal buttons is the 15V upgrade! Do you have to order on Taobao for 15V?
  4. musicday
    Mine is on the way from Netherlands to UK.
    I think this is a great music player.
  5. neog007

    I did It on ebay
  6. cokrewel
    Amp a1 vs fiio a5?
  7. musicday
    By increasing the power to 15 v will increase the power output also?
  8. vapman

    The ebay seller is almost 200 shipped for a basic one though :frowning2:
  9. nick n
    I see $150 for the copper button basic [​IMG] free shippinzzz
    well yeah kinda close to 200 I guess...
  10. vapman
    Link please? I can't find any Zishan on eBay now, and the one i was talkin about was the 175+15 shipping ones from California on ebay...
    I would LOVE to get a copper button basic for 150, although maybe i would pay for the 15V upgrade up front if it is available...
  11. nick n
    Herein lies the problem:    it is not labelled Zishan anywhere in this listing title
     Pretty sure if you copy the description it'll find other sellers not listed by that name also.
     This linked seller has the matching amp also, plus the Walnut.
    Yes I am thinking the same as you . It adds up way too quickly otherwise.
    Just too much on the go keep forgetting about it, plus way too many projects too little time
    he does get back to you fairly fast also.

    No idea how to pay the total of the two together and ebay screened my first question.
    I asked him anyhow.
    I would assume message after the main buy?
    vapman likes this.
  12. vapman
    thanks tons my man, messaged for quotes on the 15v board and will probably get one instead of a Xduoo X10. was waiting to find out if X10 had EQ but it does not :frowning2:
  13. nick n
    Must've asked at the same time.
    I forgot about all it's options too.
    wonder what else of this nature will show up  in the next little while, some impressive stuff has started from DIY efforts.
    I don't really care what stuff looks like  so long as sound is good enough
    Too bad C&C folded their amps were great stuff. Too little too late I guess
    PS:  will have some concrete impressions soon as it shows up ( finally bit the bullet ).
    Stock with PSU upgrade.
    I can smell the solder fumes from them making it up now all the way across the world here
    A little bit late to ask anyone with battery life comparisons between the regular and the upgrade please post up whenever. It'd obviously be a rough guess and simply a point of interest
  14. vapman
    Ordering my 15v copper buttons now. wish me luck =)
    nick n likes this.
  15. golov17
    Good Luck, but, how 15v?
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