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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. AudioNewbi3
    How's the volume pot on yours?
  2. akroy
    guys how does it sound as a usb dac compared to as a standalone one?, im mostly interested in that part.
  3. vapman
    Seconded. I have an AKM DAC that requires proprietary drivers to work and it really shows its age...

    weedophile walnut is 15v, dual mono DACs at $30, whats to lose? :)
  4. Brian Coffey
    I too would like to know about the usb dac feature on the Zishan.
  5. weedophile
    Damn man, it hurts the wallet! Please dont tempt me any further.....
  6. waynes world
    You crazy bastard! Congrats!
    Now I brace myself for the hype! [​IMG]
    I'm very interested in the X10 (since EQ is not an issue). I can't wait to read comparisons between the Zishan and the X10, especially pertaining to sound quality (without an external amp). Nick, you should get an X10 as well lol!
    Question: does the Zishan have a sleep timer and an auto-resume function?
  7. musicday
    AudioNewbi3- the volume knob seem like is good quality and it is a bit stiff,so it won't turn accidentally.I like it.I have to find a way to mark it as 0 volume and 10 volume,as the player can go really loud this is needed.

    WaynesWorld- the Zishan does have a sleep timer from 10 minutes to 180 minutes and no auto resume function,but the player can remember last folder you played.I need to play more with it and find out.
    nick n, waynes world and AudioNewbi3 like this.
  8. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    Walnut is +/-7.5v, not to be confused with +/-15v like the zishan upgrade.

    Btw there is no way the walnut is dual mono, it runs on a single integrated codec like chip/cpu. Sounds good though.

    Everyone should own a walnut, you will stop spending big money on daps once you hear what can be done with $25 when put to good use.
    LaughMoreDaily likes this.
  9. vapman
    I replied to you in the walnut thread, but is the 15v zishan comparable to the sound of the walnut?
  10. weedophile
    U guys are giving me 2nd thoughts on my Zishan purchase... But anyhow, i made an order for the Walnut last night too lmao
  11. waynes world
    Why Lord, why can't the Walnut do FLAC? Why??? So sad.
    LaughMoreDaily likes this.
  12. vapman
    not enough processing power! :wink: but converting FLAC to WAV really isn't that bad either =) anyway, this really should be in Walnut thread instead of taking over Zishan's thread [​IMG]
    BTW, still interested to know if Zishan 15v sounds similar to Walnut in terms of dynamics?
  13. neog007
    When I get back from China my 15v upgrade zishan -soon I hope.... ????- I can compare it w my walnut. With the stock zishan I remember it to be a little bit more detailed than the walnut.
  14. musicday
    I have tried the USB DAC function and works perfectly.Quite enjoyable watching movies with Zishan DSD.
    Brian Coffey likes this.
  15. waynes world
    Sorry about that! (I thought I was in the walnut thread when I posted!).
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