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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. hakuzen
    ouch. mine is in transit.
    hope the noise cause can be located and fixed, and it's not a design issue of the upgrades, so you can solve it.
  2. musicday
    The noise and hiss starts when you switch the player on, without even playing music.Is all the time and increasing when turning up the volume :disappointed:
  3. Frederick Wang
    my case is a little bit different. The noise comes and goes, right channel loud and left indiscernible.
    Noise persists when no song is played.
  4. musicday
    Some had similar problems but that was because of some residual soldering left.I checked and that's not the case, so something may be faulty.
  5. musicday
    Can anyone help or have any ideas jow to solve our issues regarding noise/hiss lots of it and very loud? Thanks.
  6. nick n
    Good luck all hope it gets figured out and nailed down .
     Wonder if a resistor is bad or something.
    Tiny cold solder joint somewhere?
    Would hi-res pictures help for zooming in I wonder?
  7. musicday
    The player worked perfectly for 20 hours or so in both normal model and USB mode.I checked the board for any impurities,but was none.Something creates that hiss,need to figure out what exactly.
  8. bzfrank
    Remove microSD - does the noise persist in DAC mode?
  9. bzfrank
    Remove microSD - does the noise persist in DAC mode?
  10. neog007
    I recently had the same problem with a cheap chinese DAC. I was burning it and after a few hours, without even touch the DAC, an annoying white noise covered almost completely all the sound, so no way it was a bad soldering. I had to return it.
    The stock zishan has some sound glitches from time to time but not too often -at least mine-. Now I am waiting for the upgraded zishan and I want to be positive and think it will be ok because I really like this player -zishan and walnut and I don't even think in any other dap's right biw-
  11. musicday

    I removed the microSD and tried in DAC mode.. Very bad static noise that increases while turning the volume out. I will see what seller has to say to have this problem fixed when he will replay-if he will now!
  12. notamethlab
    Could be a longshot but, you could try downgrading the firmware.
  13. musicday

    I did downgrade the firmware and nothing has changed. Will open it again tomorrow probably and have another go and see if I can fix it before I put it in the bin.
  14. vapman
    Dang, if you are gonna actually throw it in the garbage, maybe put it in a box and ship it here? [​IMG]
  15. musicday
    Vapman-i will have another look tomorrow at it and if i can't fix it,if you are interested,can have it for half price i paid for with Free Shipping and the Chinese music it came with 16 GB, as Christmas is coming.:wink:
    vapman likes this.
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