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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. neog007
    It has been a while when I had the cayin but I remember his sound to be depth with enormous soundstage like if you were in a concert hall, it was the closest sound to an analog amp. It was great for instrumental/orchestal /vocal music. The a1 is more detailed, analytical, it has a good soundstage but not as huge as the cayin, despite beying both pretty accurate, the a1 does not color the sound as much as the other. it is more balanced overall. As far as I remember the cayin I think that in the a1 the bass is more tight and highs are more crisp mids are accurate. It fits well with all kind of music
    With the a1 -and the zishan as well- don't think that is worse because the not-knowing company behind it or the lower price.
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  2. teston
    Thank you very much!
    Now I can make my decision in peace.
  3. cokrewel
    Impression mini amp a1?
  4. Aerosphere
    Interesting. I might pick one up.
  5. fairx
    Hi guys. Can anyone elaborate on dac function. How many hours battery last. Driver plug n play issue, android support etc

    Thank you in advance
  6. hakuzen
    i am also interested of DAC performance.
    by the way, if you plan to upgrade your zishan with any of the upgrade packs and/or the power supply upgrade (15V), better to order all together with zishan: all the upgrades are made on your stock zishan (i was totally wrong, sorry); so if you ordered the zishan first, you will have to send it to them in order to be upgraded, which carries extra shipping costs and time.
  7. bzfrank
    I got my Zishan DSD today. Man, is this a tiny player - much smaller than the DX90! SQ is very good right OOB. Insane output power in "turbo mode".
    It looks a bit different though - the keys are brass. Also 0.4d FW came installed.
  8. musicday
    I am still waiting for mine.Is in Netherlands.Will need 400 hours burn in to sound best.
  9. hqssui
    If you could compare  Zishan with Xuelin ihifi990, it would be great.
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  10. bzfrank

    Will do, after burn-in.
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  11. hqssui
    Thanks a lot..
  12. bzfrank
    Looks like I may not be able to do the comparison. The Zishan DSD has not survived the first 24h burn-in. I just took it up only to found the system completely messed up. Screen is lit but shows nothing, after a hard reset does not work either: Starts up without SD card ok, but as soon as a micro SD is inserted (any card, also completely empty ones) screens starts flashing with binary patterns and nothing works anymore. I'll try to revive it by unplugging the battery later but am I am bit p*ssed now. This should not happen!
  13. bzfrank
    This is strange. When I put the upgrade files on an empty micro SD, do a hard reset and turn the Zishan on by pressing the power button 3 sec it does a firmware upgrade (0.4d > 0.4d, it installs the system new, interface is chinese afterwards) - so the card reader works! But even after the upgrade the problem persists, as soon as any micro SD is inserted (even the one it installed the upgrade files from before, now empty) the screen starts to display funny binary patterns and nothing works anymore, hard reset needed.
    Still works as a DAC over USB. But as a mobile player it has become useless.
  14. musicday
    Sorry to hear this my friend.
    As a Zishan DSD owner in few days from now i understand your pain.
    Try to contact the seller and see what he has to say.I wish I can advise you more on what to do.
    Let's see if other owners have some answers to this issue.
  15. hakuzen

    thanks. i was completely wrong about my suppositions.
    in order to upgrade your zishan with any of the upgrade packs and/or power supply upgrade, you have to send your device to them, and they will send it upgraded back.
    to know more about the upgrades details, read @T.R.A.N.C.E.'s posts (i nsist on my observations were totally wrong).
    i preferred to order a new zishan together with the upgrades, instead of sending mine (which hasn't arrived yet). so i'll own 2 zishans: stock, and full upgraded (pack #5 + 15V upgrade, but also purchased some opamps to test different combinations). i'll probably keep the one which fits better my needs, and shall sell the other.
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