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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. CactusPete23
  2. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    the A1 amp is cheaper here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/mini-A1-CPI-HIFI-amp-portable-headphone-amplifier-new-good-quality/32755599873.html
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  3. bzfrank
    Has anyone a Aliexpress or eBay link to the Zishan leather case?
    My Zishan DSD has not yet arrived (should have ordered expedited delivery, not std. international) but it would be a nice add-on.
  4. notamethlab

    Link is in page 7.
  5. neog007
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  6. Frederick Wang
    Zishan pairs up wonderfully with er4s, if someone is still wondering. 
    The standalone dap is at least on par with my previous setup Mojo>Stepdance 
    Great sounding dap, even though the operation sometimes can be a headache. 
  7. neog007
    Wow I knew it was good but not so good -never had the famous mojo though- but an AliExpress guy said he prefered the zishan's sound to the $1000 plenue1[​IMG]
  8. Frederick Wang
    i was surprised myself... Actually I didn't have high hope for it when I took my wallet out. thought Im gonna have a reasonably priced interface for mojo that also deliver music satisfaction as a simple portable solution when it's inconvenient to drag along the combination. I spent one evening comparing the two, now I just sent zishan back for upgrade and put mojo up for sale...

    I woundn't say zishan is better. and there are definate differences. but zishan has better synergy with er4s, mk5 and presonus hd7. on the other hand, senfer pt15 is the best sounding earphone I ever tried on my smartphone, and I prefer it even to er4s on the mojo>stepdance setup, but with zishan, pt15 sounds exactly like what one would expect for its price.

    It is weird, and I realized I might have given up a lot of gears too soon in the past...
  9. neog007
    I ordered those Senfer 1 month ago still waiting. Will see...
    The aliexpress guy said he would sell his plenue1 if the zishan had gapless playback..
    Just curious wich upgrade did you choose?
  10. Frederick Wang

    it is not only lack of gapless, it has problem palying wav file and cannot read my 128g tf card properly(16g is ok). and only support 2 layer folder system.

    but i use them 80% of the time as a dac, so those problems don't kill it for me. I hope when there are enough customers, they can finally afford to address them, or there will be 3rd party FWs. let's see.
  11. neog007
    mine has 128gb card and supports > 2layers -I don´t have it right now but I think it does-.
    Yeap could be nice to have playlists or favorites at least as well as gapless. Still asking myself What is doing that megalithic Tetris there...
  12. neog007
    A1 new look
       P61125-1131471.jpg    P61125-1125101.jpg
    Jeeze just realizing I´m becoming a nerd!
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  13. teston
    I'm going to buy an amp. Anyone can compare mini A1 to VE RAplus and Cayin C5?
    I'm very interested in the mini A1 but don't know if I should spend more for the other two. Thank you!
  14. neog007
    I remembered huge soundstage when I had the cayin some time ago, the a1 is more detailed, they´re very different, you better think what kind of sound is your goal and then ask which would achieve that goal better
  15. teston
    I mainly listen to epic music, instrumental and vocals. I like the immersed soundstage and detailed. With deep but tight bass and sweet mid, crisp and extended high, the high can be a little smooth but should keep track of details. The cayin should be safer choice but if the mini A1, for less price can compete to cayin then it would save me some bucks for other things.
    I would be glad to know your idea since you have experience with them :D
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