The Stax Thread III
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Speaking of splitters, is there a particular recommended phase splitter circuit for unbalanced inputs for estat amps? Seems like 90% of the diy amp builds are balanced only and it would be nice to have the flexibility of rca as well.
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  Geoff claims he has retired.

I have not actually said that; what I am doing is stopping building for others. I have enjoyed this hobby and had much nice feedback from people who listened to the KG amps. 
As always I thank Kevin, Birgir and the others who provide input for these superb designs.  The amps have all proved to be untemperamental and great sounding.
May I say how I got started? A few years back I had a good dynamic set up but decided to audition a Stax system (SR407 and SRM006Ts).  The list price of this from an official dealer in England is now about £1600/ $2480, so is a modest system.
I thought it had very attractive qualities but was let down by the weak amplifier (cue astrostar!)  I read KG’s article on the KGSS/hv and decided to build a KGSShv.
I was suitably impressed and at the London meets was asked to build more.  So I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of years seeing how nice (and small) I could make KGSShv and KGST. I have decided I want to stop that now to spend time on my own things. I will sell one of my KGST shortly and that is it.
Re Hi Fiplus review mentioned above,  it is good to hear that the 507, which I enjoy a lot, has been improved but the reviewer specifically mentions that system’s lack of volume and the suitability for small scale music.  So overall the reason for needing a KG amp has not changed.
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  Did someone hear the new Stax SR-507 II?
Very curious about its midrange vs the old version of the 507.

Exciting. The plastic looks like what they're using on the 207, which is much better IMO than what is used in the higher end ones. Say goodbye to the 'Stax Fart'. So this is the new mysterious driver, or not? by the sound of the article this is an iteration; new plastic, new touches, new membrane plastic but otherwise the same. 
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I was always curious about what the Kimik mod was precisely. The Kimik mod on the 006t as described in the Hifiplus article consists of:
1. New Tubes (cryo'd ones) and the necessary biasing.
2. Tube Dampers.
3. A new fuse.
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I hope to have mine by early December so I will definitely let you know.  I hope Geoff is back in game building the amp again.  His builds are very inspiring and first class.
what number is your amp? mine is 09...I thought Geoff said he might be finishing with 10. mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I'm pretty stoked about that. after making sure all is working I will put up some impressions on the weekend.
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I would give my support to Birgir (aka spritzer, aka Mjolnir audio). My gear from him is built like a Rolls Royce and sounds unbelievably good. And he always responds quickly and comprehensively to email questions. He's a blessing to the Stax world and I think he deserves our business. He really cares about quality and takes pride in his work. He's not in this for the money and is a throwback to an age of great craftsmen. 
If budget is an issue, I highly recommend a KGSS-HV Mini. This small marvel qualifies as an endgame amp. This and an 009 and a really good DAC or CD player is affordable in high-end terms and IMO in the league of as good as it gets for natural sound in the headphone world. I have this chain.
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If you have a 007 or 009, just don't even bother with a KGSS. Go for the HV. Or maybe really nice deal on a KGST. They're available, even plentiful, for good builds at good prices if you have the slightest bit of patience and ability to deal like a sane human being* in the used market. 
*OK I know some here do NOT have this ability; in that case you really shouldn't enjoy such nice things anyways.
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Interesting. Is it anywhere near the SQ of the T2 or is it just another Stax ok'ish amp?

The t1w is nothing special for the sr007 but maybe ok with the sr009. It's basically the t1s with a preamp output and source selector. I had one in the past and it was quite a good with my lambda pro and signature.

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