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Web, IoT, RTOS

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500+ Head-Fier

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    Web, IoT, RTOS
    Loudspeaker building (sic!)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Owned (in decreasing order of preference):
    Stax SR-007 Mk1 + 009 ear pads (modded filling)
    Stax SR-009
    modded Denon D7200
    modded Fostex TH900
    Fostex TX00EB
    Stax SR-507
    Sennheiser HD-598
    AKG 601
    Bose QC-15 (for flights)
    Grado SR-80

    Familiar with (in decreasing order of preference):
    modded Stax 007 Mk1
    Stax SR-009
    modded Stax 007 Mk3
    Stax L700
    stock Stax 007 Mk1
    modded Denon D7200
    modded Fostex TH900
    Sony Z1R
    Fostex TX00EB
    Stax SR-507
    Sennheiser HD800 (late models)
    Hifiman HE-6
    stock Fostex TH900
    AKG 812
    Audeze LCD-3
    Audeze LCD-X
    Fostex TH-600
    Grado PS-1000
    Audeze LCD-XC
    Grado GS-1000
    Audeze LCD-2 rev2
    Hifiman HE-500
    Grado RS1
    Audio Technica W1000, W3000
    Denon D7000, D5000
    AKG 701, 702, 601
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Alisca Orange pre/headamp (jack + Stax Pro) + source switcher + Alps RK50 + TDA1541 DAC
    Modded Stax SRM-1, Verto box, SRD 7 Pro, DIY tube Stax amp
    Source Inventory:
    Marantz CD10 with new internal NOS TDA1541 DAC
    Sony XA-50 with new internal NOS PCM56 DAC
    Oppo 103D + LPS, Panasonic BDP-700, NuForce AVP (multichannel DAC)
    Mac Mini + NAS + CuBox
    Android phones and tablets via USB + Resonessence Herus (mobile)
    All DAC's and source mods above done by Alisca Orange Ltd.
    Cable Inventory:
    Alisca Orange
    Power-Related Components:
    Alisca Orange
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Primaluna with Valve Art EL34
    Mollenhauer integrated
    Parasound transistor amp
    Alisca Orange GaN transistor amp
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Alisca Orange
    Music Preferences:
    All of them.
    I prefer good speakers over good headphones.
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