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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. Hubert481
    What is the problem by using a SRM-T1 with a SR-009 ?
  2. Ali-Pacha
    None. Even though I obviously prefer them on my BHSE, I do regularly use my SRM-1 with my Staxens (009 are one of them), and as SRM-T1, SRM-1 doesn't have so much power :)
    Check the resistor / CCS mod from @JimL11 out there for the SRM-T1, good improvement for few bucks.

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  3. purk Contributor
    I even enjoy my 009 out of the SRM-D10. Yes, you do get considerably better sound out of better amps but the 009 still sound good out of this portable solution as well.
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  4. oneguy
    I had to run my Yggy / Carbon setup out of AES to tame the highs with my L700. Through USB is wasn’t enjoyable but AES was a game changer.
  5. Drewligarchy
    I didn't know Birgir's KGSSHV is based on Sanyo parts. That's a great idea Purk, and even less expensive than the KGST from him!

    I will also check out the Aristaeus from Justin - but at $2300 the Mjolnir KGSSHV seems like a great idea if I am not able to demo these.
  6. Drewligarchy
    Not a bad idea. If I could find a builder who could do it, I'd probably try and get someone to build me a T2 and be done with it. Also, I believe it's a bit warmer than a Carbon / BHSE - and I see that Lojay uses that combo with a Dave.

    I live in the NYC area. Any recommendations on how to find a builder?
  7. Drewligarchy
    I explored this before, and as I have a Birgir build, I cant't reduce the current. I also am not necessarily sure I'd want to as it's the best amp I ever heard for the 007.
  8. Drewligarchy
    Yup, already using Yggy2 out of AES from Auralic Vega Femto (just got it upgraded.) I didn't even get the Gen 5 USB upgrade, because they didn't have it in stock, and I didn't want to wait. Figured I could install it later myself if I really wanted to/

    Incidentally I am around hour 60 on my Yggy2 upgrade - and it sounds a lot better and is non-fatiguing.

    That said, the top end still doesn't sound right. It sounds both dry and unextended. Does this continue to improve?
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2018
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  9. JimL11
    You could try and contact @Kerry. He does very fine builds, up to and including T2.
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  10. Kerry
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  11. Rhamnetin
    Oh my, going straight for a T2 from Kerry? If price isn't an issue, then I doubt you'll regret that!
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  12. purk Contributor
    Go straight to the top and get the T2 from Kerry!
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2018
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  13. VRacer-111
    Heard an SR-007 on my system for the first time at the Houston meet on Saturday... pretty impressed. I've heard one before from a Yggy/Carbon CC combo and didn't care for it as much as an L500 on the same setup. Compared to my L300 Limited on the RME ADI-2/NAD C275BEE/Mjolnir SRD-7 setup, the SR-007 is very similar but definitely has more low end with better punch and better detail. Seems more full bodied sounding compared to the Mjolnir amp setups I've heard. Want to hear an SR-009S now with the RME ADI-2/NAD C275BEE stereo amp combo...
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  14. oneguy
    Hard to say as I never got that sense from the Yggy A2. For reference, have listened to the Yggy A2 on the Carbon and GG.
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