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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. 336881
    I'm not the biggest fan of them doing a deal with wal-mart but I use acupwr for all of my step down transformer needs. Great build quality, reasonable prices and no gigantic ugly box to hide.

    I run a technics se-a100, sansui c-2301, sony das-r1 and sony ps-6750 all off one little 1000w acupwr transformer daisy chained. Still have outlets and power on hand for more 100v gear.
  2. Eich1eeF
    I think you'd be better off with a quality, regulated power supply with exchangeable tips if you don't know anyone to re-solder the connector of the power supply you already have.
  3. Drewligarchy
    I have a Stax 717 and a KGSSHV Carbon and I am interested in getting a KGST and trying to get a bead on it's sound.

    I have become increasingly sensitive to the 009, and why I still love it, I am starting to become sensitive to it's treble. Tried the 009S and found them a bit too dark for my liking, though they were fatigue free.

    The Carbon is almost too good with my 009. It's a bass monster, though controlled - and dynamics are fantastic. Unfortunately, I believe this is what could be causing the fatigue. I listen to it compared to my 717, and the 717 is a touch warmer, but the tone of the 009 - for the most part - remains true which is the most important thing to me. Dynamics are reduced, as is bass heft - but it allows me to enjoy the 009 for longer; the tone is really the most important thing for me.

    I'm considering a KGST and trying to get a bead on it's sound. If anyone has tried an 009 with the KGST and these two amps - can you give me an understanding of the differences?

    My ultimate goal is to be able to listen to the 009 with any DAC I want - as the 009 can be so dramatically different with different DACs. Retaining the tone I hear with both amps mentioned, and reducing listening fatigue is most important to me. Is the KGST closer to the 717, the Carbon, or something else entirely? Do you believe it will accomplish my goal of a less fatiguing 009, regardless of DAC?

    In terms of DACs, I like the Auralic Vega with my 009 better than the Yggdrasil. I had a Dave on loan - and ultimately want to put that in the chain, which I believe is not quite as bright as the Vega.
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  4. Rhamnetin
    Perhaps Sell the 717 and KGSSHV Carbon and get a Grounded Grid with some more laid back sounding tubes?
  5. Drewligarchy
    Rhamnetin - curious why you don't like the KGST (honestly, I have never tried it).

    My 717, with the 009, I think is a bit more of what my ears can handle at this point. I don't notice any deficiencies in tone, but rather the Carbon beats it in other technicalities. The 717 is quite old (literally) and changed a couple of hands on head fi - so don't know how much longer it will last.

    Regarding the grounded grid - I don't know too much about that one. At that point, is there a benefit vs getting a BHSE. Any idea who builds the KGGG?

    Ultimately, is htere an amp which is the consensus best amp for the 009 while being a bit forgiving as well? I don't want dark. I feel like the treble extension with the 717 and 009 and certain DACS is just as good as the Carbon. It's the other areas it falls short. Ultimately trying to optimize the 009 to get the high end I'm after without the fatigue.

    I really don't want to believe I just can't tolerate the 009 anymore - they have always been my favorite phone.

    And don't get me wrong - the Carbon is an absolute tour de force. It sounds great - but is just fatiguing with the 009.
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  6. purk Contributor
    I would get the KGSSHV with a 450V PSU and Sanyo parts. It is warmer tonally and almost as dynamics as the Carbon. What you will loose out compared to the Carbon would be the size of soundstage and not as resolving. It is still a good jump over the 717 in a direct comparison. The BHSE with the right tubes is also smoother sounding than the Carbon with lesser treble emphasis and just a tad less dynamic. However it is more relaxed to listen to and actually pair better with the original 009.
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  7. Rhamnetin
    Oh I don't dislike the KGST, I've never tried it either. But it is a "mini BHSE" and not one of the top tier amps.

    Grounded Grid is a KGSSHV Carbon but with tubes (EL34/6CA7). Not sure who exactly builds them though. I think it should beat the BHSE, as far as I know the power supply design is better and it is more convenient as it has a servo to monitor the output stage. Which makes tube rolling easier.

    The consensus best amp while making the SR-009 more forgiving though is the T2.
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  8. joseph69
    I had both, the Mjolnir KGSShv & KGST while waiting for my BHSE to arrive, and I preferred the KGST paired with the 009 for it's smoother presentation.
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  9. Drewligarchy
    Thanks Purk. So I have a point of comparison from a tonality standpoint how would you compare warmth alone between 717 and KGST/KGSSHV Sanyo?
  10. purk Contributor
    The KGSSHV with Sanyo is a wamish but very energetic sounding amp while the 717 is a dark and very laid back sounding amp . I used to have the KGST too and the particular one that I had was brighter than my KGSSHV and just about as bright as the Carbon. I heard the GG and it was very impressive....and @Whitigir also preferred it over the Carbon in a direct comparison. I also had the KGSSHV mini from Mjolnir and that one was too bright with the SR009 as well.
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  11. Drewligarchy
    I hear you - but I guess my question is do you really need an end game amp with the 009 to get the most out of them based on priorities? They are almost like the focal utopias of electrostats in the sense that they can be easily driven. Now, I am aware that electrostats are a lot more amp dependent from experience - especially with the 007. I was perfectly happy with the 717 until I got my Carbon, but could love with that if I had to. The 009 retains its essence with that - the 007 doesn’t really.

    The KGSSHV Sanyo is difficult to find, so if I want something more quickly I could buy a BHSE Or KGST. I would buy the BHSE if I new the tube compliment could get me where I need to be, it’s a lot to spend for a gamble. KGST is a bit easier to swallow.

    Ultimately I’d like to get the 009 to a place that I could run them with a Dave. The Dave with the Carbon and 009 was revelatory - but fatiguing. It’s possible it wouldn’t have the same effect with a KGST as well.

    Listening to the 009, Carbon, Yggy 2 and it sounds good but a little dark. Granted it’s only been burning in for 48 hours so hope the top end opens up.
  12. Drewligarchy
    Just going back and forth with the 717 and Carbon and you do really lose way too much in soundstage. The tone is nice though with the 009.

    Maybe a KGSSHV Sanyo or BHSE is the way to go ...

    It’s really been a challenge to get the 009s right where I want them!
  13. SeaWo|f
    Those that have built both(BHSE and GG) say they sound mostly similar, after all the basic hybrid concept is the same in both amps even if the implementation is different.

    You can have a BHSE with the carbon power supply(GR) the recent builds I have seen all opted for this configuration.

    But why not go exotic and find someone to build the KG sandwich amp(tube input, tube output carbon) for you?!
  14. purk Contributor
    You can buy the mjolnir kgsshv cheap version for $2300 now and that is based on the Sanyo parts. Another really good amp to consider for the SR009 is the Headamp Aristaues. A little less power than the KGSSHV, Carbon, and BHSE but with excellent tone that work great with the 009.
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  15. chinsettawong
    I think if you could lower the current on the KGSSHV Carbon down a bit, it would probably make the amp not sound as bright.
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