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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. padam
    Nothing specifically, but personally I would consider stepping up to at least the SRM-717 or modified SRM-727

    The headphones have the capability to present an immense amount of dynamics, and I felt a better sense of that with those (and I guess it can be taken quite a bit further still)
  2. cat6man
    it's been a while since i've checked in on this thread but my 009 have developed a problem and 1000+ pages is a bit much to sift through again :)

    my left channel has a buzz/hum that sometimes goes away if i tap it. also, tapping the left channel causes static which does not happen when tapping the right channel.

    can someone tell me the recommended method/address for getting 009 repaired?

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  3. padam
    There is a separate thread dedicated to these issues:


    I think it may need to be repaired by Stax, replacing both transducers as a permanent solution, unfortunately this is only free if it is still covered by a warranty (and explains why a used pair without warranty - maybe bought via grey market - may worth quite a bit less to a pair, which was bought from the official distributor and still has it).
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  4. cat6man
    thanks padam.
    however, i don't have channel imbalance, most likely a bad cable connection.
    and it is not currently under warranty, though i did buy it new (and not grey market)

    i see a site for staxaudio.com in the US which is run by Woo Audio, but no indication if they do repairs, so
    i guess it has to go back to Japan?
    if i can live with the problem, i plan to be in Japan next summer.............
  5. padam
    If you check that thread, you will see that there is a facility in the US which deals with repairs.

    I think what you have is dust or debris under the driver - although in that thread some claimed it was sitting on the outside dust cover itself (like a piece of hair or something), that would make it removable.
    While you can try and push it towards your ears to make it go away temporarily, it will probably get back to a position where it will emit the buzzing again.

    I did buy an SR-X which had the buzz on one side, I did this a few times and it never came back afterwards. But I did buy other vintage headphones, where it improved, but never went away permanently.

    If it is the cable (which I don't think), I saw someone who shortened the cable on his SR-009 and documented the process, so it might be possible to do this with a skilled technician and not sending it in for a repair.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  6. headinclouds

    The KGST is a lovely amplifier and pairs very well with the original 009. (I haven't heard it with the 009S). I regard it as one of the best results for a very reasonable cost.
    I am using the example of bonesyjonesy's Chord set up with KGST and 009. The precision and clarity of the Chord system and the brightness of the 009 combined well with the sweetness of the KGST. For me this was the most listenable system for the 009 apart from going up to a Blue Hawaii/GG
  7. JimL11
    The main issues with the T1 are: 1) the use of resistor plate loads, 2) relatively puny output tubes and 3) unregulated power supply. The plate resistors waste a lot of signal current and cause the amp to sound relatively soft and lacking in bass "oomph." There really isn't much that can be done with the power supply other than substitution bigger PS caps within the T1's envelope (pretty much all the Stax amps have a passive power supply), but modifying the amp by replacing the resistor plate loads with good constant current loads will significantly improve its sonic shortcomings, and further improvement can likely be had by modifying it to take ECC99 tubes which will allow the output current to be cranked up somewhat, although this requires rewiring the tube sockets. Take a look at this thread from back in Jan and Feb for more discussion. A T1 with the constant current load mod is very similar to the amp circuit of a KGST discussed by @headinclouds above. The KGST has the advantages of more powerful output tubes and regulated power supply,

    With the addition of electrolytic cap replacements due to age, I would consider the constant current modded T1 to be the same level as a 717 or global feedback modded 727, for lower cost.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
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  8. phaeton70
    why not move directly to the GG? compared face-to-face with the Carbon, the GG with the right tubes is much less fatiguing, still retaining the same impressive dynamics and transparency of the Carbon.
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  9. treebug
    Looking for thoughts on how the 009 or 009s sounds with the 006t energiser? Have the latter on the way with the SR-L700 but might upgrade to the 009 or 009s.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  10. miko64
    980EA7C6-5F8B-4911-BE0F-253B7BD83592.jpeg I got D10 to replace my srs252/battery solution. I am waiting for my lectures listening to the sr007/2. This is really “formidable”. From all my preferred tools this one is “more equal” (animal farm). Really a pleasure to listen. Furthermore transportable and lighter than say lcd4 where you need something like hugo...
  11. biscottino
    I also tried the d10 with the 007mkA and drove it without problems, even though the 009s I just took is from another world.
    The internal Dac works directly from an ipad and the quality is not bad, but if you can play with a Chord Hugo and a good cable, I use Audioquest, you will begin to have many doubts about desktop systems.
  12. Whitigir
    People are not serious about Stax enough, not only the headphones itself, but the amplifier and then the DAC and the Source of transport :D. I have disappeared because I am loving my Stax rig too much! A little more than Too too much!

    I am sorry to hear this, and this is 009S and not regular one ? I am lucky to have my 009S healthy out of the box.

    I think Woo is on the unknown-unsafe list of thing as far as Stax direction is ? I could be wrong, but I think since last years Stax has officially announced that if any Stax headphones is damaged by 3rd party amp (unknown-unsafe), will not fall in the warranties conditions
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  13. SquireC
    Of course Stax will say this about 3rd party energisers. Just as amp makers say don't use another make of Dac, and dac makers say only use their power supplies. Nothing wrong to make that clear but it doesn't mean all 3rd party stuff is dangerous to use. Just need to listen to the experts on here on their views on compatability and make your own decision, and understand the responsibilities.

    Having your Stax amp tweaked with better capacitors, valves, etc., you are breaking your warranty, if someone other than Stax does the change.
  14. biscottino
    yes, I also knew this thing, but if you send the headphones from your distributor, surely provides to repair them, a pair of drivers is costing about € 1500
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  15. Whitigir
    Whatttt ? Lol that is for 009S ? Woaaa.

    Does that means you advices to call up your distributors or dealers and let them buy in that you are using it with Stax amp ? :wink:
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