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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. staticdynamo
    After reading the SR-009BK page briefly, The cable is the same as SR-009S and SR-L700 .
    Other parts seems the same as SR-009 (except the color). Anyway I don't know about it
    in detail. I will ask STAX person at some events. https://stax-international.com/products/sr-009bk/
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  2. VandyMan
    That page does make it sound like there are differences. However, they posted an image to Facebook that says "New Product News 2018-10" on the top right. In the middle, it says "--Same as SR-009--" and the specifications match. The weight, including the cable, is the same too. The color is cool though.
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  3. Hi-Fi-Apricity
    Yahello! I have a question for everyone. I plan on selling my L700 here shortly and upgrading to the 009S. What would be the best way to go about shipping them, should I put them in an anti-static bag that is zip tied closed? (Maybe closed some other way?) Possibly put some Silica gel in there? Any help on the matter would be much appreciated. If it matters at all I live in an area where its getting pretty cold around this time of year and they most likely wont see any air travel.
  4. oneguy
    Enjoy the upgrade! I’m looking at moving up in about 3-4 years once my other planned upgrades are finished.

    I think the your idea way of using an anti static bag is more than adequate. I wouldnt zip tie it close though as you don’t want moisture to stay in there during large temperature changes. The L700 comes from Stax in what appears to be a normal plastic bag which is then placers in a molded styrofoam enclosure with cardboard on the outside for the box. Replicating anything along those lines should be fine.
  5. tigon_ridge
    No anti-static anything is necessary. These aren't microchips you're shipping. It would takes several hundreds of million volts for an arc to form between the diaphragm and whatever, since your headphones will be (hopefully) encased in a box. Heck, the intel CPU I bought 3 years ago didn't come with an anti-static bag.
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  6. Eich1eeF
    I don't think an anti-static bag is needed for stax headphones. Anti-static precautions are for devices that operate with low voltages (usually the 1-5V in modern micro electronic devices) and are damaged by the high voltage of static discharges. I would assume that the limited energy in usual static discharges will not be able to charge the stators anywhere near a damaging voltage, since they do have a significant capacity.
  7. Eich1eeF
    It's only 3kV/mm, and the stators are about 0.35mm apart. So ~1000V would risk arcing, if one applied that with enough energy e.g. to the right pins on the plug. Static discharge should have the voltage, but not the energy to damage Stax headphones.
  8. catscratch Contributor
    Just double box them and add a lot of packing peanuts or some sort of padding. Stax headphones don't like hard impacts. Make sure you use the original styrofoam packaging for the headphones themselves. Other than that, it's the same as anything else.
  9. tigon_ridge
    Don't forget that the headphones are encased in a box, within some packing material, within another box. All of that material would have to accumulate a lot of charge, which is near impossibility. Also, no, the stators cannot be charged in the way you suggested, as it is well insulated from the surrounding. Someone would have to deliberately hook the headphones into a device to charge the stators.
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  10. Eich1eeF
    That is correct, and it is really nor a problem that antistatic bags are made to deal with, because it just isn't a problem in reality. They are made to protect against discharges after the devices have been taken out of the box, e.g. after you've been dragging your feet over the carpet on the way from the door to the living room, or simply by removing the device from a non-antistatic bag.

    I'm afraid you're mistaken. Static discharge has high enough voltage to happily arc through the isolation of the cable if that just happens to be the first thing the you even come close to. The same applies to touching the contacts of the plug. The stators are big enough capacitors and can handle high enough voltages that they don't care. However, I've killed my fair share of computer mice by static discharges through their enclosure - from the top, not the bottom.
  11. Zoide
    How do the SRM-252S and SRM-353X compare to older amps such as the SRM-1 Mk2, SRM-3, and SRM-323S?

    I'm looking for an amp to pair with SR-L700s.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  12. Hi-Fi-Apricity
    Hello! I'm an owner of the L700 using it with the 353X and it's a great pairing. Quite a relaxed and soothing listen. It's just to kick back to
  13. Zoide
    Ah, but the SRM-353X is much more expensive than the other amps I mentioned... :)
  14. SeaWo|f
    I can't compare but per dollar people really like the t1. If you want to get the most value buy one that needs to be recapped and do jiml s ccs mod at the same time.
  15. JimL11
    Have never heard an SRM-1 Mk2, but its circuitry is older generation and lacks the constant current output loads, so it should have less drive capability than the 323. Not much info on the SRM-3 but its voltage output is only slightly more than the 252 (300VRMS vs 280VRMS) and not as much as the 323 (400 VRMS), so it either has a lower voltage PS than the 323, or less current drive, or both.

    As noted above the 252 and 323 are reportedly similar circuits but the 323 has much more standing current in the output stage, and I believe the 353 is the same circuit as the 323 but with the addition of balanced XLR inputs, so if you have balanced sources that is a benefit but if you don't, then they should sound pretty much the same.
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