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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. SteakWay
    Oh how cool! It seems you were a part of that SABF thread as well. Thanks for that. Super comprehensive.
  2. Rhamnetin
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  3. Ali-Pacha
    Since then, BHSE did arrive, SRM-727II modded gone, as well as SR-X/mk3Pro (collection's piece...but on-ear) and LNS / SR-007mk1 (too dull / boring for my tastes). Baby Orpheus / HE-60 in da house for 2 weeks, god I love those :D

  4. HoloSpice
  5. alota
    from stax site seems that the limited version driver has technology of future top headphone from stax:

    “Super-engineering-plastics” diaphragm
    The diaphragm material “super engineering plastic ” inherited by next higher rank models has been adopted for the sound unit. Materials excelled especially in tone quality have been selected for the extremely thin high polymer film diaphragm developed by refining the conventional engineering plastic, resulting in extremely excellent frequency characteristics from low to very high as well as vast dynamic range.
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  6. pegasus21
    It doesn't tell you a lot since the 009 has the "super engineering plastics" too but it is described a bit differently
  7. koven Contributor
    Looks good in black, wonder what the price will be ..
  8. pegasus21
    The Japanese price for 009 is 370K JPY while the 009BK is 380K JPY so you can estimate costs from there.
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  9. alota
    It´s mystical engineering plastics :)
  10. Kwangsun
    Pft. Super plastics is so yesterday. Just make it out of adamantium. Cheapskates.
  11. mulveling Contributor
    Huh, interesting. With me sorta leaning a bit back towards 009 vs. 009S on my T2 lately (at best still a wash), maybe I should sell the 009S and pickup this sweet limited 009 "Barack"? Kinda silly if there's literally nothing different about this than a standard 009 besides color, though.
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  12. Jones Bob
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  13. SeaWo|f
    Super this, super that.. Stax needs to commit and go full on 80s and print "009 turbo" across the head band and give it a red racing stripe.
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  14. Hubert481
    Combine plastic with blue light - this is perfect for high end
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  15. VandyMan
    The brochure says it is IDENTICAL to the 009 (not the S) except the color.
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