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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. catscratch Contributor
    To varying extents, yes. All the new Lambdas do this. The L700 shows a bit less of this behavior and extends a little bit deeper than the L300/L500. However the measurements I've seen so far aren't all consistent, with some showing the roll-off and some not. Nevertheless the consensus seems to be that the new Lambdas are lossy by design.

    I think the L700's advantage over the L300/500 is in the pads, since mounting those pads on the L300LE and measuring bass extension vs the stock pads shows an improvement in extension and a very similar bass response to the L700.

    Despite this bass behavior I would say that the L700 is comfortably ahead of the old SR-404 I had, with a fuller sound, a more natural midrange, and a better and more 3-dimensional soundstage. It's highly regarded for a reason - it's really good.
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  2. Ali-Pacha
    Yes, yellow foam. I've had two original Lambdas in my hand, I got rid of this crippling foam and did replace it with train modelism foam cut with the perfect form factor : https://www.amazon.fr/Noch-Modélisme-Ferroviaire-Plaques-mousse-Pièces/dp/B0002I0CBM
    The best Lambda looking at bass extension are original Lambda Signature IMO, with original a bit stiff (and deep) pads...as long as you have a good seal, which is trickier with those pads.
    Maybe a Lambda Nova Signature could beat Lambda Sig with the same pads, but never did the mod.
    All SR-x0x have more energy all around, especially in the high mids (which sounds sometimes screechy to my ears), but definitely not as much bass extension as Lambda Sig and Lambda Pro. TBD with original Lambda.
    SR-L700 are leaky by design (same story as SR-007mk2/A), so good low mids bump, which makes them sound dynamic, but less extension down low.
    You're right, SR-307/407 have mediocre pads compared to 303/404 (and Nova range), let alone compared to original Lambdas.
    I really don't like 507 pads, too soft and too thin. The more expensive is not always the best :)

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  3. bwck2000
    In the transition from 404 to 407, earpad design changes with them. The 407 stock pad has a thicker and more wrinkled leather with a black plastic covering at the back. I tend to sweat more when I'm wearing the 407 stock pad so the 404 stock pads are more comfortable. I have two on my two 4070 . Didn't make a detailed comparison on the two type of pafs soundwise tho.

    But IMO the 207 pads are free from this problem.
  4. Kwangsun

    long time member here. I have owned a lot of headphones at this point, IEMs, CIEMs and such. But only now have I finally had the chance to purchase a pair of STAX headphones. I got the SR-L500/SRM-323s combo used for a price too good to pass up. I have to say that they pair have been subtle but noticeable in their influence. At first I did feel that they were cleaner and more lively than other headphones in my collection but nothing too special. But once I started to spend more time on them the more I have noticed that dynamics just don't do it for me anymore - too slow and muddled. In short, the STAX are amazing.

    However, the experience has been short lived as I accidentally dropped them and broke the speaker holder on the right side. It's literally in pieces and the right speaker is just dangling off the cable. Any suggestion as to where I might find a replacement? I came across the electromod website that sells parts for STAX but can't seem to check out.

    If there is anyone here who knows where I can source this part please let me know. As I would hate to pay 180USD for the entire headband assembly from STAX.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.
  5. tigon_ridge
    Shoe Goo, my friend. Shoe Goo. It is the magic fix you're looking for, as it is indeed magical. The thicker the layer of Shoe Goo you plaster on, the stronger the reinforcement; and it may become even stronger than ever before. Get the transparent one. It may affect the aesthetic a bit, but it beats paying $180. You're welcome. :o2smile:
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
  6. Kwangsun
    Thanks tigon_ridge!

    Actually found the exact part on electromod. The price of shoe goo is insane where I am so it made more sense to buy the part instead. Thank god.
  7. biscottino

    I had a close encounter with two new Stax products, the srm D50 and the srm D10.
    They drove without delay my new stax 009s with fluency and authority, surely the Hugo2 source is excellent and shines for quality.
    Playing the srm d50 with a mechanical Lector and coaxial cable Ecosse, I found a very classy sound.
    Construction, packaging quality and endowment are first class, the new Stax course starts well, very well.
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  8. biscottino
    Some photos of the interior of the d50, to you the comment.
  9. purk Contributor
    I was playing with both and decided to keep the D10 b/c it fits my needs better. The D50 internal DAC is a little soft sounding but feeding it with a good source and the SRM-D50 is capable of a very good sound.

    What do you think of the D10?
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  10. biscottino
    soon to say, I played for a while, I'm waiting for a couple of Audioquest rca / minijack cables to try hugo2 better, and then I'll play better, but so out of the box it seemed to me already very good.
  11. Hubert481
    Do you also have sharper more detailed inside pics?
  12. biscottino
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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  13. SteakWay
    Well, I want to thank everyone here who gave me some advice and help with my original normal bias Stax. Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that they are not for me. If I only used headphones, they would be great, but I use them as more of a complimentary piece to my speakers, and using Stax feels redundant. I'll sell these and go back to my first pair of good headphones which I regret selling in the first place, the LCD-2.

    I've place two pairs of the original Stax normal bias up for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested. One is in stone-mint condition and one has a channel imbalance problem. When fixing the channel imbalance with the amp, the two sound identical. The price reflects the issue.
  14. staticdynamo
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  15. Ali-Pacha
    Hey, it's my Lambda's Frequency Response you're showing in your classified :p

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