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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. alota
    In your opinion the new srm d50 drives the 009?
    Thank you
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
  2. astrostar59
  3. oneguy
  4. wink
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  5. Whitigir
    Dude....I never understand why people got addicted by Cat video clips and gif....don’t you start it for me...LoL
  6. Hubert481
    Ok, you dont like cats
    Do you like dogs?
    Or do you like beer?
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  7. Whitigir
    Roflmao, oh my...I want to see his reaction after this X_X
  8. purk Contributor
    It does a good job but something like the KGSSHV will be a better all around solution. Still I was very impressed with what the D50 can do with the 009. I really want to keep it, but decide against having it because I have better amplifiers to do the same job. The D50 has a warm and relaxing sound which has proven to work well with the original 009. According to Justin, the D50 is a reworked SRM-717 with less power. Basically a 353X with a built in DAC. The onboard DAC is good but not great, but for an all in one package for an audiophile in budget...I recommend it. The D50 should work well with Lambda as well.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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  9. alota
    Thank you for your opinion. Of course i understand that kg design amplifiers are better but are more expensive and my budget is small. I heard the 009 some years ago when my taste was different. Now i'm thinking to try again this headphone
  10. wink
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  11. BenF
  12. purk Contributor
    With the SRM-D10, I can and will.
  13. chinsettawong
    I do all the time. :wink:
  14. Rhamnetin
    Don't think I'd enjoy the SRM-D10 enough so I'll refrain from it. I wouldn't want to travel with Birgir's KGSSHV Mini.
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  15. BenF

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